Three Heart Health Tips for Seniors

Cardiovascular illness poses a significant health risk for men and women over age 65. Home care and assisted living caregivers can help keep seniors stay healthy and improve their quality of life by encouraging heart healthy activities and habits.

The following are a few tips to help encourage heart health for seniors in elder care:

Increase fruit and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are healthy and can help reduce seniors’ risk of heart disease. Adding a few more servings to the diet, and cutting back on sweets and red meat can significantly improve cardiovascular health among seniors. Diet is key when protecting against heart disease.

Get plenty of exercise. Exercise helps stave off heart disease in a number of ways. For starters, it can help seniors lose excess weight. Obesity is a major contributor to heart disease, so getting down to a healthy weight will always help. Exercise also helps improve circulation and regulates blood pressure — more key factors in staving off cardiovascular illness.

Improve mental and emotional health. Depression and stress can contribute to heart disease, so the happier seniors are, the better their health is likely to be. By keeping seniors active and engaged, elder care providers can safeguard their health.

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