The Link Between Poor Eyesight and Depression

Have you noticed your elderly loved one slowly becoming more withdrawn and isolated? While you might consider the fact that they are becoming depressed or need dementia care, a factor that you might overlook is that their eyesight is failing. If you stop to think about just how important your eyesight is, it is easy to see why seniors would quickly become depressed when their sight starts to dissipate.

Inability to Participate

When normal, everyday activities such as reading, watching TV or cooking meals becomes difficult due to failing eyesight, seniors can become very depressed. It is the first stage of losing some of their independence. The inability to cook their own meals, take their own pills or find things around the home is devastating and embarrassing to admit, even to family members.

When the Symptoms Get Worse

As the withdrawal from daily activities ensues, seniors can easily become depressed. As the depression sets in, the dementia can become worse. They quickly begin to lose track of days, dates and even forget familiar faces. At this point, family members typically start to look for in-home senior care.

Before letting a senior in your life suffer from depression as a result of failing eyesight, get them the appropriate help. Early help with failing eyesight can help prevent it from becoming bad enough that they are unable to have any level of independence. If their sight is bad enough that they need in-home senior care or even dementia care, start early to help them find a service that they are comfortable with.

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