Dealing with Loss of Appetite in an Aging Parent

Every one of us knows what it feels like to lose our appetites every once in a while. Maybe we saw something super gross that just destroyed our willingness to eat dinner. Or we got the flu and just didn’t have the appetite to eat a full meal. Whatever it is that happened, you know how that feels! Well, the fact of the matter is, this is a common occurrence for pretty much any senior out there. That’s right, losing your appetite on a regular basis is super common for anybody as they get older. That’s why it shouldn’t be too much of a cause for concern if your senior is not eating as much as they once did. If your loved one is receiving senior care in Mainline, try some of the following methods to improve your senior’s appetite in natural ways.

  • Only healthy snacks allowed: When your senior is hungry during the afternoon, what kind of snack do they reach for? If the snack is super processed and full of sugar, this could be ruining your senior’s appetite for any meals. Make sure to help your senior only have healthy snacks, like fruits and veggies, available in their house, so they get a balanced amount of nutrition in their diet and don’t ruin their meals.
  • Help your senior relax: Whenever your senior doesn’t have as much of an appetite anymore, a major contributing factor could be their stress levels. Whenever we have extra stress and frustration bogging us down, we’re less likely to have a big appetite for any meal. Help your senior relax by helping them talk through what’s stressing them and having a nice walk around the park on a spring day.
  • Getting plenty of sleep: If your senior isn’t getting their eight hours of sleep, this could have a major effect on their appetite. That’s because our bodies require enough sleep for our bodily processes to work properly during the day, including our appetites. Help your senior and their caregiver ensure they get enough sleep during the night.
  • Meal prepping: If you and your senior have never tried meal prepping, this is a great way to help their appetite. Simply make all their favorite meals at the beginning of the week, store them in plastic containers in the fridge, and they’re ready whenever your senior is hungry.
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