How to Reduce the Risk of Falls for Your Aging Loved One?

Experiencing decline in balance and coordination is common in seniors due to aging. Poor eyesight, decreased strength, hearing loss, medication and physical challenges create even more problems for older adults, which may lead to the risk of falling.

Falls can be very dangerous for your aging loved one. Why? Because broken bones take longer to heal, bumps and bruises can result in health complications, and many injuries can be fatal. To avoid such incidents, it’s best to take safety measures.

  • Clear any clutter from their home, especially from the frequently traveled areas. Everything should have its (easily accessible) place, so that your senior can put things away.
  • Secure any loose rugs and tie back cords to ensure they’re not a tripping hazard.
  • Install handrails along stairways and grab bars in the bathroom near the shower or bathtub.
  • Make sure there’s proper lighting in the house, so it’s easier for them to see any other obstacles. Nightlights or motion sensor lights are a good idea, if they get up at night.
  • Encourage your senior to wear supportive shoes with good traction to help with balance. It’ll prevent tripping, whether due to heel flopping out or sliding.
  • Encourage them to practice yoga or to exercise to improve strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance to reduce fall risk.
  • Get their vision and hearing checked regularly. Hearing issues can affect their equilibrium, while vision problems create difficulties for them with focusing, and depth perception.
  • Get to know about any potential side effects (dizziness, low blood pressure etc.) from medication they take, which can increase the fall risk.

Visit your aging loved one regularly, so that you can identify any mobility related challenges they face and quickly address potential fall risks. In your absence, get in-home caregivers to keep your senior safer.

Caregivers can supervise and assist them with activities including mobility. They can also work with your loved one to ensure they’re practicing safe strategies. September 22 is the Falls Prevention Awareness Day. Make sure your senior is aware of falls risk factors, and safety techniques to prevent it.

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