Simplify Senior License Renewals With Home Care Services In Madison, WI

Simplify Senior License Renewals with Home Care Services in Madison, WI

If your loved one is still fit to drive, they’ll need to book a license renewal every so often, and our home care teams can help. Read on to learn how we’re simplifying the renewal process to empower Madison seniors, or call (608)-315-2378 to speak directly with a home care provider near you.

Simplify Senior License Renewals With Home Care In Madison, WI

Wisconsin does not require driver license retesting for seniors based on age alone, but those over age 60 must visit a DMV every eight years to renew their driver’s license. Online renewals are available until age 64; anyone 65 and older must visit the DMV in person so that staff members may determine whether they have the functional and cognitive ability to exercise “ordinary and reasonable control in the operation of a motor vehicle.”

If there is a concern, staff may request additional tests or even a medical report to certify their safe-driving status.

For most seniors, these renewal trips present a minor inconvenience, but if your loved one needs a little extra help with the activities of daily living (ADLs), it’s another story. In fact, according to the AARP’s Caregiving in the US study, 26% of caregivers struggle to coordinate care for loved ones, and 61% also work full-time, which means some seniors may be waiting quite a while to receive the help they need with their renewal.

But our home care team is here to help! Whether your loved one needs help navigating the online license renewal process or keeping their outing 100% COVID-safe, our home care team is up to the task.

These are just a few of the ways we simplify senior license renewals to empower older adults in Madison, WI:

  • Home care teams ensure all of the necessary materials arrive with your loved one, including all identification, payment, and any additional forms that may be needed
  • Home care teams simplify online renewals, helping seniors navigate the online registration process and avoid common mistakes
  • Home care teams can acquire medical documents to support your safe driving status, should the DMV request them
  • Home care teams keep visits to the DMV COVID-safe, enforcing safety recommendations for proper social distancing and ensuring proper masking, should your loved one choose to continue wearing PPE
  • Home care teams provide transportation to-and-from the DMV in the event that your loved one’s license has already expired.
  • Home care teams provide renewal reminders so your loved one is never surprised, rushed, or at-risk of driving illegally
  • Home care teams can prepare seniors for renewal tests, making sure they understand what is required and reviewing free resources like the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s Motorists’ Handbook together
  • Home care teams provide alternative transportation in the event your loved one’s renewal is unsuccessful
  • Home care teams can help seniors order ID cards in the event that their license cannot be renewed

Book A Free Home Care Consultation In Madison, Wisconsin

Whether you need a helping hand with your loved one’s upcoming license renewal, an afternoon off of care duty, or a 24/7 home care solution, we’re here to help.

We offer a wide range of home care services, all of which are completely customized to your loved one’s unique needs and budget, and all contracts are short and flexible to keep you in-control.

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