Is Non-Medical Senior Care Available in Madison?

Is Non-Medical Senior Care Available in Madison, WI?

On average, seniors need more care and assistance than younger people. But not all this care is given by medical professionals such as doctors and registered nurses. In fact, much of it is provided by caregivers, who work with seniors both in senior care communities and/or in their private homes to help them to live safe, healthier, and happier lives.

Why Non-Medical Senior Care In Madison?

First, let’s clarify what we mean by “non-medical senior care”. “Non-medical” merely means that the care does not require being provided by a doctor or registered nurse, but rather can be provided by a caregiver. Caregivers are trained, and educated on how to best care for seniors with a variety of situations, needs, and many of these caregivers have years, even decades, of experience. And they should always be insured and bonded and have gone through a criminal background check.

Medical care must be provided whenever necessary, of course. Every senior should regularly see a doctor and always have a doctor or registered nurse carry out medical procedures. But for everyday care and assistance, a non-medical senior care team member can perform all the tasks required.

The Practicalities Of Non-Medical Senior Care In Madison

You would never think to try to perform a surgery that your elderly parent needs if you’re not a surgeon. However, many people think they can take care of their senior parents all by themselves, even though they’re not professional caregivers. Too many people undertake a terrific burden in trying to be the sole care provider for their senior parents, all the while maintaining their own work and familial commitments. It’s a recipe for exhaustion and stress.

The fact is, there are many services that non-medical senior care workers can provide that you can’t: there are specific procedures, methods, and care for specific conditions, such as dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and others. Furthermore, there are many services that non-medical caregivers provide that you would prefer not want to help your parents with. Nor would your parents want or accept your help. Things such as toileting, dealing with incontinence, and bathing. In instances like these, non-medical senior care can help seniors age with dignity.

Is Non-Medical senior Care Affordable In Madison?

Non-medical senior care is often much more affordable than people initially think. Senior care communities can be a great choice for some seniors and their families. But with communities such as these, the residents need not only pay for any care they receive, but they need to pay rent and fees to help cover the costs of the grounds and infrastructure. Non-medical senior care does not include such costs.

Therefore, given that non-medical senior care is:

  • less expensive than an assisted living facility
  • the most convenient form of senior care
  • is carried out by trained, experienced, and insured caregivers
  • and provided on their schedule

then what reason do you have not to give it a try?

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