Home Care Services: Keeping Seniors Healthy In A “Post-Pandemic” World

Home Care Services: Keeping Seniors Healthy in a “Post-Pandemic” World

With the worst of the pandemic now behind us, it’s time to focus on the future. Whether your loved ones are looking to get back to normal life or pick up some healthy new habits to come back even stronger, our home care services make it easy to thrive in the post-pandemic world.

Read on to learn 3 ways we’re keeping seniors safe, healthy, and happy as they emerge from isolation and reintegrate into the Madison community, or call (608)-315-2378 to speak directly with a home care service coordinator near you.

1.    Implement Healthy New Habits With Home Care Services

Research by the AARP shows that the beginning of any new phase—be it the resumption of post-pandemic life, the day after a milestone celebration, or the change of the seasons—can serve as a powerful psychological motivation to jump-start new habits. This is known as the fresh-start effect, and it’s one silver lining we can take from the pandemic.

Katy Milkman, a behavioral scientist at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and author of the new book How to Change, describes the post-pandemic period as a “momentous, collective fresh start that has all the features you need if you want to jump-start change.”

If you want to take advantage of the fresh-start effect to implement a healthy diet or lifestyle change for mom and dad, our home care services can help. As part of your regular home care service, we can:

  • Help implement daily exercise by transporting your loved one to the gym, setting up home workout areas, accompanying them on gentle walks, and providing motivation and safety monitoring
  • Help seniors quit smoking by monitoring daily smoking, reducing or restricting the purchase of cigarettes, purchasing smoking cessation aids, connecting seniors with the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line, and providing daily encouragement
  • Help implement healthy diets by taking care of all of the shopping, cooking, and clean-up, so your loved ones can enjoy fresh and healthy meals with fast food convenience

2.    Get Seniors Comfortable Socializing With Home Care Services

After a lengthy isolation period, during which most peoples’ social needs were not being met, many seniors’ social skills and/or comfort levels have fallen off substantially.

If your loved ones need help reintegrating into their social circles and activities after a long time away, our home care services can help. Not only do we provide companionship care, which keeps seniors’ social muscles in-shape and eliminates the risks of loneliness and isolation; but we can also make them comfortable getting social with their peers by:

  • Finding COVID-safe social events for seniors to attend or take part in online
  • Accompanying your loved ones to local events and senior center programming to help break the ice
  • Coordinating visits with friends and family and/or assisting with hosting
  • Enforcing COVID-19 safety protocols in group settings where infection risks could discourage seniors from participating

3.    Simplify Senior COVID-19 Boosters With Home Care Services

One of the best ways to keep your loved ones safe and healthy in the “post-pandemic world” is to ensure their vaccinations are up to date. And with Always Best Care by your side, that’s easy.

As part of your regular home care service, we provide full support with COVID-19 booster appointments, including:

  • Assisting seniors with vaccination bookings and schedule reminders
  • Providing transportation to-and-from the vaccination site
  • Ensuring all necessary identification and paperwork is on-hand
  • Enforcing COVID-19 safety protocols while indoors at the immunization center
  • Waiting in the observation area with your loved ones after they receive their shot
  • Alleviating post-vaccination symptoms, and more

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