Helping Seniors Achieve ‘Aging Mastery’ With In-Home Care

Helping Seniors Achieve ‘Aging Mastery’ With In-Home Care

What if you could help mom or dad master aging? With the support of our in-home care team, it’s easy. Today’s post explains how our in-home care team helps seniors incorporate the teachings of the Aging Mastery Program (AMP) into their daily lives.

What Is The Aging Mastery Program (AMP)?

The Aging Mastery Program (AMP) is a 5-week education and behavior change incentive program that “encourages mastering behaviors that lead to improved health, stronger financial security, and overall well-being through small but impactful changes.”

Just like our in-home care service, AMP focuses on the following topics:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Medication management
  • Advanced planning
  • Healthy relationships
  • Financial fitness
  • Fall prevention
  • Community connections

AMP’s effectiveness is backed by published research, and the program is coming soon to Madison, Wisconsin. And if you want to enroll in the official Aging Mastery Program, or you’d like to incorporate its teachings into your loved one’s daily in-home care program, we can help!

Access AMP With In-Home Care In Madison, WI

The Aging Mastery Program (AMP) is coming to Madison. According to the March 2021 edition of The Messenger!, a monthly newsletter prepared by the City of Madison senior center, asynchronous programs open to seniors from 3-5PM on:

  • April 13
  • April 20
  • April 27
  • May 4
  • May 11

If you’re interested in taking part in this 5-week program, our in-home care team can help! We’ve formed strong relationships with Dane County senior centers, and it’d be our pleasure to help your loved one get started with the AMP by:

  • Delivering your $15 registration fee to the Madison Senior Center at 330 W MIfflin St
  • Requesting a Zoom registration link for your loved one via email ([email protected])
  • Picking up and dropping off all AMP materials
  • Creating a clean, calm, and relaxing environment for your Zoom sessions
  • Reviewing sessions notes together
  • Implementing AMP recommendations

Incorporate AMP Best Practices Into Your Daily In-Home Care

AMP is an undeniable success, but it’s not necessary to achieve aging mastery in Madison, WI. That’s because Always Best Care’s in-home care service is already designed to promote all of the healthy behaviors recommended in the AMP curriculum, including:

  • Mastering healthy eating—Our in-home care team can prepare fresh and healthy meals, giving you quality nutrition with fast-food convenience
  • Mastering your fitness—Our in-home care team can purchase home exercise equipment, provide motivation and safety monitoring, and accompany your loved one on gentle walks
  • Mastering sleep hygiene—Our in-home care team creates healthy bedtime routines and sets up the perfect environment for deep, restorative sleep every night
  • Mastering medication management—Medication management is part of our every in-home care plan we offer
  • Mastering advanced planning—Advanced planning starts from the moment you call for a free in-home care consultation, and our Dane County connections simplify the whole process
  • Mastering relationships with friends and family—We facilitate better connections with friends and family by assisting with hosting, transportation, and COVID-19 safety protocols, and by providing a reliable point of contact that family members can use to reach your loved one at all times
  • Mastering financial fitness—Our in-home care teams help clients organize paperwork, keep on top of bills, and alert adult children of any unusual spending or shortfalls
  • Mastering fall prevention—Our in-home care team monitors your loved one at all times, cleans up tripping hazards, and promotes healthy muscles and bones through healthy diet and daily exercise.
  • Mastering community connections—Whether you need a ride into town or a heads-up on upcoming events at the Madison Senior Center, you can count on our in-home care team.

Free In-Home Care Consultation In Madison, WI

Call (608)-315-2378 or fill out the new client form on the Always Best Care Madison website to set up a free in-home care consultation with our team.

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