Helping Healthy Habits Stick with Senior Care

Helping Healthy Habits Stick with Senior Care

In 2018, the AARP published an article called “5 Healthy Habits That Add Up to 14 Years of Life” in which research findings by the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation were shared.

The study, led by researchers from Harvard University, found that men and women over age 50 who followed 5 specific healthy habits could prolong their lives by 12 and 14 years, respectively. Researchers also linked these 5 habits to an 82% reduction in cardiovascular disease and a 65% reduction in cancer mortality.

Those numbers are incredible, and these aren’t empty claims. To arrive at their results, researchers analyzed data from 123,219 older adults involved in two major studies, which looked at the effects of various lifestyle behaviors over a 34-year period.

So what were these 5 secret life-lengthening health habits?

  1. Smoking cessation
  2. Maintaining a body-mass index (BMI) below 30
  3. Exercising for at least 30 minutes a day
  4. Drinking alcohol only moderately
  5. Following a self-reported “healthy diet”

As it turns out, there’s no secret at all; you already know all five. But knowledge is nothing until you put it into practice. Most Madison, Wisconsin seniors are perfectly willing–they just need a little help.

Incorporating Healthy Aging Habits With Senior Care

Here’s how Always Best Care Madison helps seniors make these habits stick!

  • Promoting smoking cessation with senior care. Having someone there to encourage your aging parent’s efforts and hold them accountable to their goals can make all the difference when trying to kick the habit. It’s equally helpful to have someone whose company you enjoy to distract you from any cravings–whether that’s with conversation, games, outings, or other activities. We offer both as part of our custom senior care program, so your loved one can have support even when you’re not around.

    Additionally, senior care improves your loved one’s access to smoking cessation resources. Whether they require assistance accessing online information or need someone to safely transport them to and from cognitive behavioral therapy sessions, our senior care team can help.

  • Create safe opportunities for exercise. Safety concerns are some of the most common barriers that seniors face when trying to meet the WHO’s daily exercise recommendations. The idea of exercising alone–and potentially suffering an injury in the process–can be enough for some to justify unhealthy inactivity. This is where our senior care services make all the difference. Though we’re not personal trainers, we can help motivate your loved one to pursue their favorite exercise and monitor their safety from start to finish. We’re also happy to accompany your loved one on a walk down some of the beautiful trails in Madison, Wisconsin!
  • Make healthy eating effortless. We all know that healthy eating is important, but many seniors in Madison, Wisconsin find the work involved in buying, preparing, and cleaning up fresh meals to be too much. But what if they could have their kale and eat it too–in other words, get all the benefits of healthy eating without any of the work. With Always Best Care Madison, they can! We offer grocery shopping as part of our senior care program, along with meal preparation, monitoring, and clean-up. This in combination with our exercise promotion makes it easy to maintain a healthy BMI!
  • Monitor your loved one’s alcohol consumption. For most seniors, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional drink, but excessive alcohol consumption as we age can be extremely harmful. Our senior care team can help your loved one track their alcohol consumption and adhere to their physician’s health recommendations.

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