Find Respite and Work-Life Balance with Non Medical Senior Care

Find Respite and Work-Life Balance with Non Medical Senior Care in Madison

If you need help caring for an aging parent or spouse in Madison, Wisconsin, know that you’re not alone. Recognizing that others are experiencing the same things–and finding respite with non medical senior care–can be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Read on to learn about the risks of caregiver burnout and how Always Best Care Madison can help you strike the perfect work-life balance–while also improving your loved one’s comfort, safety, and quality of life in the process!

More Madisonians are Providing Non Medical Senior Care than Ever

Madison’s never had more informal family caregivers than it has today. And they’re proliferating: Wisconsin’s population of adults over the age of 65 will grow 72 percent from 2015 to 2040, driving demand for non medical senior care to new heights. According to the State of Care: Wisconsin’s Home Care Landscape report, we’ll need nearly 20,000 additional home care workers by 2024, many of whom will be sourced from informal care networks.

Most of these informal caregivers will be part of what the AARP calls the “sandwich generation,” which refers to adults who are “sandwiched between multiple responsibilities.” Some may simultaneously be caring for children under 18 and parents over 65; others will struggle to balance their caregiving duties with career obligations. In both cases, finding a work-life balance can be extremely challenging.

Sound familiar? Take heart–you’re not alone, and Always Best Care Madison can help.

Caregiver Burnout is a Serious Health Problem

Without work-life balance, caregiver burnout is inevitable. And there’s a heavy price to pay:

Researchers from the American Journal of Epidemiology evaluated how caregiving, stress, and caregiver strain affected relative telomere length (RTL), which is a known biomarker for cellular aging (Litzelman et al., 2014). Data was drawn from the Survey of the Health of Wisconsin, which provided a representative sample of Wisconsin adults aged 21-74 years who were “sandwiched” between caregiver duties and work demands.

At the end of their study, Litzelman et al. (2014) concluded that there was a positive correlation between total weekly care hours and shorter relative telomere length (p. 1340). This suggests that caregiver burnout shortens telomeres, which greatly increases the risk of cancer, heart disease, and many other health problems.

If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, remember there’s no shame in asking for help. Finding a few hours or even days of respite with non medical senior care services can make all the difference for finding work-life balance and avoiding caregiver burnout.

Finding Work-Life Balance With Non Medical Senior  Care Services

 Always Best Care Madison offers 24/7 respite for informal caregivers.

Whether your loved one needs a little extra help around the house or around-the-clock non medical senior care, we’re here to help.

Always Best Care Madison offers a complete continuum of non medical senior care services that includes:

You can read more about our non medical senior care services here.

We know that true respite requires peace of mind, which is why we invest so much into the quality of our care. When you choose Always Best Care Madison, we guarantee:

  • No subcontracted caregivers–all employees are our own, trained in-house according to exacting national standards
  • All employees complete a thorough vetting process, which includes criminal background checks, references and work history reviews, and drug screenings
  • All employees are bonded, and insured

Respite also requires a stress-free customer experience. To that end, we offer:

  • Flexible non medical senior care schedules
  • No 4-hour minimums or lengthy contracts
  • Short notice availability
  • Service throughout Dane County, Madison and the surrounding areas
  • 100% free consultation with no obligation

Get Respite: Start a Free Consultation with Always Best Care Madison

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Litzelman, K., Witt, W. P., Gangnon, R. E., Nieto, F. J., Engelman, C. D., Mailick, M. R., & Skinner, H. G. (2014). Association between informal caregiving and cellular aging in the survey of the health of Wisconsin: The role of caregiving characteristics, stress, and strain. American Journal of Epidemiology, 179(11), 1340-1352.

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