4 Ways Elderly Care Teams Make Seniors’ Voices Heard In Madison, WI

4 Ways Elderly Care Teams Make Seniors’ Voices Heard In Madison, WI

Since we opened our doors for business, our elderly care service has been committed to empowering seniors with personalized care solutions that help them live life on their terms.

With that in mind, today’s post highlights 4 ways our elderly care teams have helped seniors make their voices heard in Madison, WI.

Read on to learn how we’re supporting seniors’ autonomy, safety, comfort, and quality of life, or call (608)-315-2378 to speak directly with an elderly care coordinator near you.

Make Your Voice Heard With Elderly Care Services In Madison, WI

1.    Elderly Care Teams Help Seniors Cast Their Ballots In Madison, WI

“For decades, older adults have been the backbone of American elections, consistently voting in greater numbers than any other age group,” wrote Dena Bunis in a recent AARP report. “And by all appearances, older Americans are on track to be the top influences again this November.”

Unfortunately, there are quite a few impediments faced by elderly voters and voters with disabilities—in fact, research by Wisconsin Elections Commissions identified 323 problems at 46 polling places in Madison and the surrounding areas, including:

  • Inaccessible entrances (e.g. non-functioning electronic accessible features, such as automatic openers and doorbells)
  • Inaccessible pathways (e.g. severe cracks, breaks, edges, or slopes that made polling places harder to access for people in wheelchairs or with mobility restrictions)
  • Inaccessible parking (e.g. lack of van-accessible or regular accessible parking spaces)
  • Inaccessible signage (e.g. instructional signs that do not comply with ADA standards)

Election Day is November 8th in Madison, WI, and our elderly care teams will be doing everything possible to ensure Grey Voters have their voices heard, including:

  • Driving seniors to-and-from polling places
  • Reminding seniors about voting days
  • Gathering voter identification and information for seniors
  • Enforcing COVID-19 protocols at polling places to keep seniors safe and comfortable
  • Providing physical support to overcome inaccessible entrances and pathways
  • Helping seniors read instructions on inaccessible signage
  • Assisting with early/absentee voting
  • Protecting seniors against voting scams
  • Retrieving political information about candidates at our client’s request, and more

2.    Elderly Care Teams Make Seniors’ Voices Heard In Healthcare Settings

Senior hospitalization and hospital-to-home transfers are prone to miscommunications, and some seniors struggle to have their voices heard during discharges and consultations with caregivers. But our elderly care teams can help.

At your request, we can accompany your loved ones to consultations and assist with transitional care, where we will make sure their questions are answered and their concerns are heard. We will also follow-up with unresolved requests and make notes of important information, advocating for your seniors for the duration of their hospital stay.

3.    Elderly Care Teams Stop Seniors Suffering In Silence

Elder abuse remains a serious problem in Madison, Wisconsin. According to Wisconsin’s Annual Elder Abuse and Neglect Report, there were over 10,000 cases reported in 2021, and over one-third were reported by elderly care providers like us.

As part of your regular elderly care plan, we are constantly monitoring your loved ones for signs of abuse or exploitation, and we can assist with reporting to Wisconsin’s Adult Protective Services, family members, or local authorities as needed.

4.     Elderly Care Teams Help Seniors Find The Perfect Assisted Living Placements

There are plenty of great assisted living facilities in Madison, WI, but your loved ones won’t be happy unless you choose a place with their wants and needs in mind. For this reason, we go above and beyond to make sure their voice is heard during assisted living consultations. And if they choose to visit any of our recommended assisted living facilities, we’ll accompany them on tours to advocate for their interests and ensure their questions get answered.

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