Why You Should Encourage Your Senior To Walk?

Walking is an exercise that has many benefits with a low impact on the body. This is why doctors suggest seniors to walk more, as they need to exercise for better health. If you have a senior in your family, then you should encourage them to do at least 30 minutes of walking daily.

Here are the benefits that your senior can gain from walking.

Improved physical health – It reduces the level of blood sugar and improves circulation. It also improves heart health by reducing blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. It decreases the risk of developing colon cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure. In addition, walking helps seniors in staying fit and active. It can increase strength, balance and flexibility. It also helps in controlling weight.

Better mental health – Benefits of walking are far more than just physical ones. It brings many mental benefits too such as increased mental stimulation. Going out and getting fresh air helps in increasing positivity in seniors’ life.

Socialization – During their daily walks, your loved one will get the chance to meet new people and socialize. It will improve their social life, as they might make new friends.

Furthermore, seniors can complete various daily tasks while out walking. Not only it will help them improve their health, but also decrease their transportation expenses. However, seniors with mobility issues, impairments and other diseases may not be able to walk daily. But they can certainly try if they get proper assistance and help.

If you live too far away or can’t perform care giving duties, then hiring professionals for your senior is the option for you. Hire non medical home care providers from a noted Milwaukee firm to share your care giving responsibilities.

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