What Could Be The Reason Behind Your Senior’s Weight Loss?

Is your senior suddenly losing weight? Or, your loved one has been gradually losing pounds? Regardless of the speed, weight loss is a serious matter in seniors that one should worry about. There could be various reasons behind your senior’s sudden or gradual weight loss. And, some of them are mentioned below.

Diabetes – This medical condition can lead to some serious weight loss, which is worrying. If your senior is diabetic and losing weight suddenly, then you should talk to their physician immediately in order to avoid further health problems.

Depression – Loneliness and isolation can lead your loved one to depression, which is another factor behind sudden weight loss. It is a serious medical condition in which one might lose interest in food.

Diseases – Several diseases can cause your senior to lose weight. It includes cancer, kidney disease, dementia, celiac disease, cardiovascular diseases and Tuberculosis. Dental problems and dehydration are some other health problems that can lead to this issue in your loved one.

Lack of regular meals – Your senior might not be able to stand for longer periods due to weakness, aging or diseases. It means that they are not able to prepare healthy meals, which can cause them to lose pounds. On the other hand, your senior might not be able to drive anymore, which means no grocery shopping. It is another factor to consider when it comes to weight loss in seniors.

To avoid aforementioned problems and weight loss, your senior will need your support and help. You can hire caregivers, who can provide your senior companionship (to prevent depression) and assistance in daily living including meal preparation.

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