What Are Alzheimer’s Risk Factors For Seniors?

Are you at the risk of Alzheimer’s? It is a question that many have no answer for. When you are over the age of 65, many factors increase the risk of dementia/Alzheimer’s. It is essential to know what your risk factors are, in order to protect yourself from this progressive disease.

Therefore, here is a list of Alzheimer’s risk factors for older adults.

Aging & Gender – Those over the age of 70 are more prone to this disease, and the risk continues to grow as the years pass. Women are more prone to this disease, however, the reasons behind it are still unclear. Since aging or gender is not something that can be stopped or changed, it becomes vital to focus on other risk factors.

Family history – People, who have someone in their family with Alzheimer’s are more prone to this medical condition. And, if more than one person in a family has it, the risk increases even more.

Head Trauma – Seniors, who have had traumatic head injuries, are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s, and risk increases if the injury occurs repeatedly.

Genetics – Some genes increase the risk of developing this progressive disease.

Health conditions – Health problems including high blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and weight, elevate the risk of this medical condition for older adults.

These risk factors not only lead an individual to Alzheimer’s, but also they may worsen the condition of a person suffering from this disease. Those, who have Alzheimer’s have to take special care of their health, and avoid such risk factors too.

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