Watching for Indicators of Alzheimer’s Disease

Are you concerned about the ability of your parent or other senior loved one to continue to live independently? Perhaps you are seeing signs of increasing frailty or dementia, but you also know that your loved one does not want to move into a residence. There is an answer to this dilemma. Check out the in home care Bristol CT residents have been relying on since 1996   ̶   Always Best Care.

Do not wait until there is an urgent need for extra care. If you believe you are seeing signs of deteriorating physical or mental capacity, book a free consultation to identify all the options for assisted living Bristol CT residents have available to them. Most seniors are able to continue enjoying full, productive lives in their own communities with appropriate levels of care.

When to Start Planning for Senior Care Bristol CT

It is usually easy to spot the onset of physical conditions requiring assistance with daily living. It is diminishing mental functions that are more difficult to identify. After all, even you are forgetful on occasion, misplace your car keys, or absentmindedly drive in the wrong direction. Also, it is completely normal to try to deny that one’s parent is aging and perhaps has Alzheimer’s disease, even though it seems to be so common these days.

To help you be realistic about the mental state of your parent or other friend or relative, Always Best Care suggests you track the following indicators of Alzheimer’s and then contact them to discuss a care plan:

  • Misplacing or losing common everyday items such as house keys
  • Acute, persistent memory loss
  • Distortion of time, not understanding the duration of an hour or the relationship of days of the week
  • Disjointed conversations that wander off on tangents or stop and start on different topics
  • Changes in routine often accompanied by confusion halfway through familiar tasks

If you are seeing these signs regularly, it is probably time to have your senior loved one referred for a clinical assessment. Then, you can meet with an Always Best Care professional to see what help is needed for your parent to maintain his or her independence.

The Elderly Care Bristol CT Residents Appreciate

The best of care for seniors with Alzheimer’s is available from the licensed and insured specialists at Always Best Care in Bristol CT. Their 20 years of successful experience is demonstrated daily in the superb service they provide. Contact Rick Downey at 860-261-4405 or [email protected] to arrange an appointment at your convenience. You and your loved one will be glad you did.


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