Unhealthy Foods That Seniors Think Are Healthy

Are you sure what you are eating is healthy? In retirement age, body goes through various changes including reduced metabolism and appetite. With such changes, it becomes difficult to understand real nutrition needs of the body. You may be eating food that you believe are healthy, but in reality, they are not. Here is a list of healthy (unhealthy) foods that you should avoid if you are over 60.

Soft cheeses – Soft cheeses are less acidic with more moisture, which increases infection’s risk. With your weakened immune system and looming threat of infection, eating soft cheeses can turn out to be a big mistake. However, you can go for cooked soft cheeses, as the heat kills bacteria.

Raw meat – Rare or undercooked meats also pose the threat of food poisoning bugs that you might want to avoid. Meats are good for your health, only if you cook them thoroughly. Same goes for the undercooked eggs and cold meats like salami, pepperoni.

Sushi – Sushi is known as a healthy food with its high amount of nutrients like Omega-3 fats. But you should avoid sushi containing raw meat due to the risk of bacteria. However, if the fish has been frozen first, then you sure can enjoy this delicacy.</p.

Raw shellfish – Avoid eating raw shellfish like oysters, clams, crab, lobster and mussels. They may contain harmful bacteria leading to food poisoning.

Furthermore, let the experts take care of your senior’s diet. Ask their physician about your loved one’s diet according to their health and medical condition. If needed, hire professional caregivers for meal management and daily living assistance.

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