The Role of Home Care Assistance in Assessing Seniors’ Mental Health

The Role of Home Care Assistance in Assessing Seniors’ Mental Health

Today’s post discusses the state of Brookfield’s senior mental health crisis, then explains how our home care assistance service helps prevent, identify, and treat these problems for older adults.

Senior Mental Health Concerns Abound In Brookfield, Wisconsin

According to the Centers for Disease Control’s brief, The State of Mental Health and Aging in America, as many as 20% of people age 55 or older experience some type of mental health concern, with depression being one of the most common conditions.

According to the CDC, senior depression is associated with:

  • Distress and suffering
  • Impairments in physical, mental, and social functioning
  • Elevated risk of complications during treatment of other chronic diseases

Furthermore, seniors who suffer from depressive symptoms “visit the doctor and emergency room more often, use more medication, incur higher outpatient charges, and stay longer in the hospital.”

While the risks of depression increase with age, depression is not a normal part of growing older. And according to the CDC, it is treatable in roughly 80% of cases. Unfortunately, it remains widely under-recognized and under-diagnosed among older adults—but Always Best Care of Greater Milwaukee can help!

The Role Of Home Care Assistance In Assessing Seniors’ Mental Health In Brookfield, WI

“We expect our older relatives to slow down as they age,” writes the AARP. “But a significant drop in energy or a marked change in mood or behavior could signal a more serious matter.”

If you need help monitoring your loved one’s mental health status, look no further than your home care assistance team. We can help identify the common symptoms of senior depression, distinguish these from dementia symptoms, and connect your loved one with Brookfield’s best mental health services. Remember: all home care assistance plans include support with appointment booking, reminders, and transportation, and our role as primary caregivers makes us the ideal watchdog over your loved one’s mental health status.

Home Care Assistance As Mental Health Intervention In Brookfield, WI

“Adequate social and emotional support is associated with reduced risk of mental illness, physical illness, and mortality,” states the CDC brief. And that’s exactly what our home care assistance program can provide your loved one. Our companionship carers offer meaningful conversation, meal-time company, warm reminiscing, and fun activities wherever and whenever senior spirits need a lift!

The CDC also lists “instrumental support,” which includes “providing rides or assisting with housekeeping,” among their recommended social support services. Here again, our home care assistance team truly shines. We provide full assistance with all activities of daily living and do everything it takes to maintain a daily routine and care environment that’s conducive to mental health.

Finally, the CDC notes that “life dissatisfaction is associated with obesity and risky health behaviors such as smoking, physical activity, and heavy drinking.” If you need help steering your loved one towards a healthier lifestyle, our home care assistance team can help. Whether you need smoking cessation aids and monitoring; somebody to accompany your loved one on gentle walks or provide rides to senior fitness classes; or somebody to keep the home free of alcohol, our team does it all.

For full details on what our home care assistance team can do to reduce your loved one’s risk of mental health concerns, call 262-439-8616 or fill out the quick contact form on the Always Best Care of Greater Milwaukee.

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