The Power Of Play: Have Fun And Age Better With Home Care Services

The Power Of Play: Have Fun And Age Better With Home Care Services

Play time doesn’t have to stop after adolescence, and plenty of research is now pointing to the benefits of play for senior fitness, social wellbeing, and fall-resistance in home care settings.

Today’s post highlights the value of playing exergames as a way to motivate seniors to get active and stay social while aging in place. Read on to review the research and find out how our home care teams can help, or call (262)-439-8616 to speak directly with a home care coordinator about designing a custom care plan for your loved ones.

Explore Exergames With Home Care Services In Brookfield, WI

“Exergames” are video games with remote controls and motion sensors that require players to get up and move. Dancing games, sports simulators, augmented reality and immersive virtual reality (VR) games all fall under this emerging category. And while younger generations are certainly the primary target market for these new games, new research is highlighting their usefulness in senior home care contexts.

For example, in one report shared during the 5th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare, researchers Brox et al. (2011) highlight how exergames can both motivate homebound seniors to get up and move and decrease the risks of loneliness by providing opportunities to socialize.

Some other key benefits of exergames observed during their research include:

  • Positive reframing of exercise experiences—Exergames are designed to be fun, and they also use persuasive strategies to encourage gameplay. Taken together, these factors may help seniors shift “from negative to positive thoughts about exercise” (Brox et al., 2011, p. 547).
  • Increased fall resistance for seniors—Brox et al. (2011) noted that dance pad games were used successfully to train stepping, improve balance and coordination, and reduce overall fall risk.

If you’d like to implement exergames as part of your home care plan, our team can help! These are just a few of the ways we make it easy to implement health-promoting technologies in the home:

  • Ask your home care team to purchase exerplay Our home care team can find out what kinds of exerplay games your loved ones would be interested in, then take care of all of the shopping, without exceeding the budget.
  • Ask your home care team for help with setup. Our home care team can clear a space for exergame play and set up your system where it’s easy to access, even between care visits.
  • Ask your home care team for safety monitoring. Even with all the fun of exerplay games, many seniors are hesitant to work-out at home without supervision, fearing slip-and-fall injuries. But with our home care team there to support them, they can push themselves in training and set high-scores without worry!
  • Ask your home care team for help hosting gaming nights. If your loved one wants to play with others, we can help them host friends and family, connect with other players online, or even join in the fun!

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