Talking to Your Senior’s Doctor – What You Should Ask?

In retirement age, many older adults depend on medication to fight off diseases and to increase longevity. When seniors regularly visit physician, they as well as their caregivers are responsible to pay attention to every little detail, whether it’s about medication or a disease. Open communication between healthcare professionals and seniors along with their caregivers is essential for the continuum of care.

If you are a family caregiver for your aging loved one, then you must ask physician following questions.

About disease and health conditions – First, you should ask questions about your senior’s health condition. If they have a disease like diabetes or heart condition that affects their health, then make sure to ask about it. Talk about your concerns with physician and clear all doubts. Ask about the results of recent medical tests to ensure everything is alright.

About medication and side effects – If your aging loved one takes medication, then don’t forget to ask about it. Ask if your senior should continue with medication or change it. If they take several medicines, then confirm about the safety of combining medication. Ask about side effects and any precautions with medication.

About any precautions – For older adults with chronic conditions, doctors usually suggest precautions to ensure good health and control over medical condition. If there’re diet or exercise related precautions, make sure your senior follows them religiously.

For the times you can’t be accompany your senior to doctors’ appointment, make sure someone is with them. For this purpose, you can hire caregivers, who not only provide transportation assistance, but also provide care and daily living assistance.

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