Surprising Psychological Benefits of In Home Care for Bristol Seniors

According to the year 2000 census, 10% of the population in Bristol, CT is comprises single adults, age 65 years or older living on their own. Situated on the edge of Hartford County, this charming, clock-making town has a definite need for quality, senior support. Surprisingly, when it comes to in home care Bristol seniors often think that light household chores, meal preparation and other forms of basic assistance represent the gist of these services. In reality, however, in home care can also include an important, social component that has a positive impact on senior mental health and overall quality of life. Sometimes, simply having company can be enough to make the challenges of aging a lot less overwhelming. The CNA-certified professionals at Always Best Care help elderly adults maintain balanced and active lives in spite of age-related challenges.

Companion Care

As seniors experience changes in vision, cognitive functioning, memory and mobility, getting out of the house becomes increasingly difficult. With companion care, elderly people can continue to socially engage. Companions can take their clients out to lunch, to the movies, shopping or on other enjoyable outings. In addition to helping seniors stay socially connected, these visits also give seniors the chance to talk about their interests, questions and concerns.

Transportation Services

The senior care Bristol locals have access to can even help seniors maintain their former social schedules. Bristol seniors who no longer drive can still paint the town red with assistance from Always Best Care. Home care workers can shuttle seniors to and from all of their medical, dental and social appointments. Access to reliable transportation helps seniors maintain a sense of autonomy and independence after they’ve stopped driving.


Many seniors in Bristol have their own vast networks of supportive family members and friends. Committed to aging in place, these individuals are capable of handling many things on their own. Some families feel most comfortable, however, when the health and well-being of their loved ones is regularly verified. Home care workers can make scheduled visits to ensure that seniors have everything they need and that no changes in cognition or physical abilities are impeding essential self-care.

Enjoy A Balanced Life With The Options In Elderly Care Bristol Locals Trust

Companion and transportation services can help seniors remain connected with their loved ones and the outside world. As driving abilities, cognition, and mobility change, this extra support helps seniors maintain a sense of balance in their lives. Get in touch with Always Best Care in Bristol at 860-261-4405 to discover more about how our home-care workers are helping improve senior lives.

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