Successful Aging in Place: What Seniors Expect from In Home Care

Successful Aging in Place: What Seniors Expect from In Home Care

The AARP’s 2018 Home and Community Preferences gave great insights into what seniors expect from in home care these days.

First of all, unsurprisingly, the report confirmed that the majority of seniors expect in home care, rather than being forced to relocate to assisted living or nursing home facilities. In fact, more than 3 out of 4 older adults plan to age in place.

But what do seniors consider “successful” aging in place? What makes the best in home care providers stand out from the competition?

Read on to learn the “in home care essentials” for 2018, according to the AARP, as well as where to find qualified providers in Brookfield, Wisconsin.


Currently, about 90% of seniors drive themselves, but mobility tends to decline as we grow older. According to the AARP report, seniors want more public transportation, walking areas, and, most of all, the ability to be transported by others.

ABC Greater Milwaukee’s in home care services include transportation and escort to plays, concerts, social events, religious services, errands, appointments, and more. In this way, we ensure your loved one stays safe and mobile. Whether your loved one wants a “bus buddy,” walking companion, or driver, Always Best Care Great Milwaukee can help.

A Safe and Accessible Home Environment.

There are many benefits to aging in place, but these can all be overshadowed if the home environment unsafe. Clutter, poor lighting, and slippery bathroom surfaces are all common causes of slip-and-fall injuries for elderly people. Additionally, certain structural features in the home may be unsuitable for successful aging, such as narrow hallways, steep or excessive stairs, and inaccessible bathrooms.

ABC Greater Milwaukee can help you create or find the perfect home environment to ensure your loved one ages in place successfully. Many of our in home care services offer assistance with cleaning and home maintenance. Further, if your home has too many structural limitations to fix, we can help you find the perfect assisted living facilities in Brookfield, Wisconsin, at no charge.

Good Company.

The AARP report states that 33% of older Americans feel “left out or isolated.” Research abounds on the negative effects that social isolation and loneliness has on seniors, but informal family caretakers are usually stretched thin as it is.

For this reason, many families in Brookfield, Wisconsin rely on ABC Greater Milwaukee’s Companionship service, which is offered as one of many in home care options. In addition to providing respite care and assistance with the activities of daily living, our caregivers stimulate your loved one’s mind with conversation, games, activities, reading, scrapbooking, and more.

Quality Care.

 AARP survey respondents indicated a strong desire for proximity to hospitals and/or healthcare professionals, so why not bring one directly into the home? ABC Greater Milwaukee offers a complete continuum of care that can be customized to fit your loved one’s unique needs, budget, and preferences. Whether they need 24/7 support or a touch of help with the activities of daily living, our team can help.

We go above and beyond to ensure our in home care is of the highest quality. All of our staff are licensed, bonded, and insured, and must complete thorough background and reference checks before they’re hired. Further, all staff complete initial and ongoing training to stay apprised of new in home care practices and technology.

Successful “Aging in Place” in Brookfield, Wisconsin

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