Social Activities at Assisted Living – What Seniors Should Know?

Most people believe Assisted Living to be quite boring and dull with hospital like environment where residents have nothing to do. On the contrary, these communities organize a variety of social activities for residents, giving them various opportunities to mingle.

Following are the type of activities seniors can partake in at Assisted Living.

  • Fitness classes – To keep residents fit, these communities organize fitness classes like yoga, and tai chi. Not only it allows seniors to mingle with others, but also keeps them physically fit.
  • Movie nights – Many seniors have similar taste in movies, which gives them a great opportunity to socialize during movie nights.
  • Outings and trips – Communities organize various outings and trips to take residents out every frequently. Field trips, trips to museums, or sports games can cheer them up and keep then socially active too.
  • Games – While participating in cards, board games and game nights, older adults have plenty of opportunities to mingle with others.
  • Art & craft classes – Seniors, who are interested in art and crafts can partake in classes and share similar interests with other residents.
  • Communal dining – Residents eat in groups at Assisted Living, which improves their eating habits, as well as gives them a chance to socialize.
  • Clubs – Seniors can also participate in book or walking clubs to stay socially active.

Many Assisted Living communities in Greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin, organize such activities to keep their residents entertained and engaged. Find a good community for your aging loved one today and help them stay socially active for a long time.

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