Silent Night: Improving Sleep Hygiene with Non Medical Senior Care

Silent Night: Improving Sleep Hygiene with Non Medical Senior Care

Sleep quality is key for healthy aging and a successful holiday season.

Unfortunately, according to research by the University of Wisconsin, more than 36% of the senior population reports recurring sleep problems.

If your loved one isn’t getting the “silent night” sleep they need this holiday season, try implementing the following tips to improve sleep hygiene–or just leave it to our non medical senior care team!

  • Avoid daytime naps. This can be a tricky habit to break for caregivers who have to balance career and family obligations. After all, you can’t “police” your loved ones’ napping if you’re not around. Here again, our non medical senior care service makes all the difference. Simply request your desire sleep schedule and nap restrictions, and we’ll implement them the next day. You don’t have to spare it another thought, nor will you need to deal with any crankiness while your loved one adjusts!
  • Get enough daylight. Getting enough light exposure throughout the day helps maintain a healthy sleep-wake cycle. But that’s sometimes easier said than done in the cold winter months, where shorter days and harsh weather complicate matters. Bundling up in heavy winter clothes, shoveling snow, and getting outside can be difficult and even dangerous for unsupervised seniors.Whether your loved one is willing to incorporate winter walks, or would rather get sunlight through the windows of a well-heated storefront, our team can do whatever it takes to promote a healthy sleep-wake cycle.
  • Find time for holiday workouts. Working out tends to drop down the priority list over the holidays, but proper exercise is one of the keys to good sleep hygiene. Burning energy off during the day time lowers your chances of feeling restless at night and offers a number of other empirical health benefits that promote successful aging.Our non medical senior care team can accompany your loved one on gentle walks, drive them to their favorite senior exercise classes, or provide encouragement and supervision while they workout at home. However we can help fit more exercise into your loved one’s busy holiday schedule, we will!
  • Limit sleep disruptors. Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and late meals all interfere with quality sleep, so try to limit their disruptors as bedtime approaches. Our non medical senior care team can monitor your loved ones compliance with these restrictions and encourage better sleep hygiene even when you’re not around.
  • Create a quality sleep environment. At night, keep the bedroom a few degrees cooler than during the day. Aim for total darkness, but of course don’t deprive your loved one of a safety light if needed. Most importantly, limit “screen time” and wakeful activities in the bedroom so that it this space is only associated with sleep.Our non medical senior care team already offers cleaning, organization, and light home maintenance, so just ask for help creating and maintaining a quality sleep environment for your loved one!

Improving sleep hygiene with non medical senior care in Brookfield, Wisconsin

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