Seniors with Hearing Loss Benefit from Regular Companions

Affectionately known as “Bell City,” for its history of clock-making factories, Bristol, Connecticut is located just south of the capitol city of Hartford. It is also home to the world headquarters of ESPN, and Lake Compounce, the nation’s oldest theme park. The city offers more than 50 residences for active retirees, and has a variety of programming for senior residents. The Bristol Community Organization offers seniors the opportunity to work in the community as volunteer literacy tutors, museum guides and recreation assistants.

Senior Care Bristol CT

If you are looking for care for your senior loved one in Bristol, there are many resources at your disposal. From assisted living Bristol CT facilities to world class medical treatment at nearby Yale Medical Center, there are specialists ready to assist you in caring for your aging senior.

Caring for a Senior with Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a challenge that many seniors face. The loss of hearing can make driving, communication and day to day tasks more difficult. People with hearing loss often compensate by turning the television up loudly or speaking in a raised voice. They may also adjust their seating so that they are facing the speaker with their “good ear.” These patterns of behavior can make everyday living difficult, but you can manage the symptoms with proper medical care.

In-Home Companion Services for Hearing Loss

Studies have shown that social support can make life more enjoyable for seniors. For those with hearing loss, talking on the telephone can be a challenge, so face-to-face social interaction is key. At Always Best Care, we have a team of caring aides who will enjoy acting as a companion to your loved one. The aide will visit your senior, have regular conversation with him and share meals with him. The caregiver can also act as a second pair of ears, helping him navigate through life with hearing loss.

When it comes to getting the best in-home care Bristol CT seniors count on, Always Best Care delivers only the best. We thoroughly screen our caregivers and we have low turnover of staff. Whether you need a friendly face to stop by for a chat or more detailed non-medical in-home care, we can help. Just call us today at (860) 261-4405 for a free consultation.

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