Senior Caregivers Finding Solutions To Pandemic Problem In Brookfield

Senior Caregivers Finding Solutions To Pandemic Problem In Brookfield

Today’s post discusses some of the new “pandemic problems” seniors have to deal with in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, then explains how our senior caregivers solve them for families in Brookfield, WI.

COVID-19 Presents New Problems For Brookfield Seniors

As of April 25th, there were 5,687 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Wisconsin, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website, where you can find up-to-date figures.

In an effort to curb infection rates and lessen the burden on health care workers, governments across the country are now mandating widespread social distancing orders, event cancellations, and business closures. And while these anti-pandemic protocols are certainly helping to keep older adults and other community members safe from infection, they’re also creating new problems for Brookfield seniors.

Some of the unforeseen effects of the coronavirus outbreak on Brookfield seniors include:

  • Increased risk of food insecurity due to panic-buyer shortages, restaurant closures, and fear of exposure to infection while grocery shopping.
  • Increased risk of social isolation due to social distancing and “self-quarantine” requirements.
  • Increased risk of senior care shortages due to surge in demand for other health services.
  • Increased risk of stress-related problems, such as heart conditions, digestive issues, and suppressed immune system.
  • Increased risk of medication mismanagement due to lack of access or monitoring.

New Problems Equal Greater Burden For Brookfield Senior Caregivers

As these new “pandemic problems” emerge, Brookfield seniors become even more dependent on caretakers. Part-time family caregivers who were helping mom and dad here and there now find themselves responsible for essential food and medication deliveries, as well as contactless visits or check-ins to help fight social isolation.

Though some family caretakers find themselves off work and thus free to help for the foreseeable future, many are now forced to balance the demands of career and family care during uncertain times. This creates stress and senior caregiver burden, both of which are known immune system suppressants nobody needs during a pandemic.

How Always Best Senior Caregivers Find Solutions To Pandemic Problems In Brookfield?

“Now is the time to think creatively about those older adults who may not have a history of asking for help and who are not on the roster of any organized service provider or community group,” writes Caroline Cicero in a new report by the American Society on Aging.

According to ASA research, there are currently 67 million adults aged 60+ across the United States, and only a fraction of them are getting the help they need during these uncertain times.

Always Best Care of Greater Milwaukee is here to help. Here’s a few of the ways we help address the “pandemic problems” seniors face:

  • Deliver and disinfect groceries for senior in isolation, or coordinate contactless food deliveries from Brookfield businesses offering pandemic-safe services
  • Provide safe social contact every day
  • Provide respite care for families as needed
  • Continue to support your loved one with the activities of daily living (ADLs), or instantly scale up care services as needed
  • Reduce stress by providing peace of mind, keeping your immune system healthy
  • Pick up, disinfect, and deliver medications, then monitor adherence

Free Consultation With Senior Caregivers In Brookfield, WI

Visit the Always Best Care of Greater Milwaukee website or call 262-721-0765 to book your free consultation and find out how much it costs to support your loved one with any service from our dedicated senior caregivers.

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