Senior Caregivers Debunk The Top-4 Myths Of Older Adult Falls

Senior Caregivers Debunk the Top-4 Myths of Older Adult Falls

Seniors fall injuries are an epidemic in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Fall prevention and awareness is key, so our senior caregivers set to debunking 4 of the biggest senior fall misconceptions in 2020!

Myth #1 – Wisconsin Senior Fall Rates Are The Same As Other States

Seniors falls are an “epidemic” in Brookfield, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas, according to public health experts quoted in a report by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Nationally, the rate of death as a result of fall injuries jumped above 35% between 2005 and 2014. Wisconsin’s elderly death rate from falls is the second highest in the country and double the national average. 37,000 elderly Wisconsinites went to an emergency room after a fall in 2014, while Medicare costs for nonfatal falls nationwide climbed past $31 billion in 2015. And as the population of seniors continues to grow at unprecedented speeds, those numbers will only get higher.

For the next few decades, it seems, much of the work of Wisconsin’s senior caregivers will be focused on fall prevention.

Myth #2 – Falling Is A Normal Part Of Aging That Wisconsin Seniors Should Expect

Though older adults fall more often, falling is not a normal part of aging. Every fall can be prevented. To that end, the National Council on Aging recommends strength and balance exercises, stringent medication management, regular vision checks, and removing slip-and-fall hazards at home. Don’t worry–if you’re working with ABC Greater Milwaukee, your senior caregivers are already implementing these best practices as part of your loved one’s everyday care plan.

Myth #3 – Wisconsin Seniors Can Prevent Falls By Limiting Physical Activity

Staying at home and staying seated might seem like a great way to avoid falling down, but it actually puts you at greater risk. Limiting your physical activity makes you weaker, more frail, and less mobile, which will make those inevitable trips to the bathroom or kitchen extremely dangerous.

The best way to maintain your independence, increase fall resilience, and reduce fall risk is to stay active throughout the day. Improving balance, strength, and flexibility with gentle senior exercise programs, such as yoga and tai chi, will make you less vulnerable to slip-and-fall injuries, while providing a host of ancillary health benefits. Your senior caregivers can help, whether you need extra motivation, a walking buddy, or a ride to the gym!

Myth #4 – Wisconsin Seniors Will Speak Up When They Need Help

Don’t wait for your loved ones to ask for help. The pride of some Wisconsin seniors won’t allow it–they’d sooner take the fall than admit they need assistance, especially if they’re not yet receiving support with the activities of daily living (ADLs). Everybody’s different, but the benefits of early and open communication are universal, so initiate this talk before it’s too late.

Your senior caregivers can help. Not only can your senior caregivers report any signs of increased fall risk they detect throughout the day, but our team can help connect you with Wisconsin health care providers as needed. Whether you need us to make an appointment, escort your loved one there and back, or offer a few referrals, we’re happy to help.

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