Prevent Elder Fraud and Financial Abuse within Home Care

Prevent Elder Fraud and Financial Abuse within Home Care in Brookfield

Older adults are prime targets for predatory scammers looking to exploit your loved one’s trusting nature, limited technological skills, or compromised decision-making abilities.

And in 2019, senior scams are more of a problem than ever. Indeed, just last winter, a single phony snow-plow company operator scammed Brookfield, Wisconsin seniors out of $14,480, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The best way to protect your loved one is to pay attention to their financial activity, but most of us don’t have time to monitor them 24/7. That’s where in home care comes in. Whether you need a few hours of respite each week or a more intensive long-term solution, Always Best Care of Greater Milwaukee can help.

Today’s post runs down 4 ways our in-home care service helps prevent elder fraud and financial abuse better than anything else.

In-Home Care Helps You Spot Signs of Fraud

“Perpetrators are most likely to be adult children or spouses, and they are more likely to be male, to have a history of past or current substance abuse, to have mental or physical health problems, to have a history of trouble with the police, to be socially isolated, to be unemployed or have financial problems, and to be experiencing major stress,” according to a 2015 report on elder abuse.

In-home care workers can help you identify who fits this perpetrator profile, and also monitor visits from friends and family to watch out for suspicious activity.

In-Home Care Workers Help You Spot Financial Fraud

According to a recent study on aging alone, 78% of seniors receive no help with bills or financial decisions. This leaves the door open for scammers using fake charities, phony tax collection letters, and inflated invoices to bleed your loved ones dry.

Our in-home care team in Brookfield, Wisconsin offers assistance with organization and filing of correspondence and financial documents to help you spot any inconsistencies or signs of scamming. This service is completely optional, but plenty of families in Brookfield, Wisconsin have trusted our team to enhance their parents’ financial security in this way.

In Home Care Workers Deter Face-To-Face Cons

The AARP recommends that: “Whenever possible, close friends or relatives of an older person should be present during a contract signing or when home repairs are done, to decrease the risk of contractor fraud.” When friends and family aren’t available, your in-home care team can be the perfect watchdog and deterrent.

Our In-Home Care Team Has A Perfect Track Record

Unfortunately, sometimes even help from friends or family isn’t enough to prevent elder fraud and financial abuse. In fact, they’re often the ones doing the defrauding! Research from the National Center on Elder Abuse reports that more than 90% of elder fraud perpetrators are family members or people the victims know well, like neighbors or friends.

If your loved one does not have access to round-the-clock attention from a trusted family member or friend, finding a reputable in-home care company is the best way to prevent elder fraud and financial abuse.

Was it Harper Lee who wrote that you “can’t pick your family”? That’s true–and you definitely can’t screen your family and friends like we do our caregivers. The “quality assurance” process at Always Best Care of Greater Milwaukee includes:

  • Criminal background check
  • Drug screenings
  • Complete review of all references
  • Thorough vetting via multiple interviews
  • Comprehensive initial and ongoing training
  • Regular performance reviews

Furthermore, all of our caregivers are licensed, bonded, and insured, and we have a perfect track record–that’s zero instances of elder fraud or financial abuse in our history in Greater Milwaukee, and thousands of satisfied customers.

Learn More About In-Home Care in Brookfield, Wisconsin

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