New Research Illuminates Role of Non Medical Home Care in Healthy Aging

New Research Illuminates Role of Non Medical Home Care in Healthy Aging brookfield

Research by the Wisconsin Cancer Collective shows that Greater Milwaukee seniors may be at elevated risk of cancer. Today’s post explains how non medical home care helps reduce risk factors and foster healthy aging.

New Research Illuminates Greater Milwaukee Seniors’ Cancer Risk

A 2019 report from the Wisconsin Cancer Collective illuminates Greater Milwaukee residents’ cancer risks, as well as the role that non medical home care teams can play in lowering them.

According to the report, the prevalence of cancer cases in Milwaukee County was 504 per 100,000 residents, which is greater than that of the state of Wisconsin on the whole. Compared to other Wisconsin counties, Milwaukee ranked 7th for new cases of “All Cancers” and 12th for cancer-related deaths.

The report also provided a snapshot of social determinants and behaviors that can increase or decrease the risk of cancer. Here’s how the lifestyle risk factors of Greater Milwaukee residents compared to Wisconsinites on the whole:

  • 2% of Greater Milwaukee residents smoke vs. only 17.1% of Wisconsinites
  • 1% of Greater Milwaukee residents drink excessively vs. only 25.1% of Wisconsinites
  • 4% of Greater Milwaukee residents qualify as obese vs. only 30.6% of Wisconsinites
  • 7% of Greater Milwaukee residents fail to meet physical activity recommendations vs. only 21.2% of Wisconsinites
  • 9% of Greater Milwaukee residents qualify as food insecure vs. only 11% of Wisconsinites

Finally, the 2019 report includes specific goals for 2020, which focus on reducing risky lifestyles and behaviors. And that’s where Always Best Care comes in.

What’s The Role Of Non Medical Home Care In Cancer Prevention For Brookfield Seniors

At Always Best Care, every non medical home care can be tailored to promote healthy lifestyle adjustments that reduce your loved one’s cancer risks.

Here’s a few ways we can help:

  • Non medical home care improves smoking cessation. Our care team can monitor smoking habits, purchase smoking cessation aids, help loved ones pass the time when cravings hit, and provide constant encouragement.
  • Non medical home care improves the success of drinking interventions. Our care team can monitor your loved one’s alcohol consumption, take over shopping duties to limit the purchase of alcohol, provide fun alternative activities, and more.
  • Non medical home care helps seniors get active and reach healthy weights. Our care team prepares fresh and nutritious meals, accompanies your loved one on gentle walks and outings, and makes home exercise more fun and safe.
  • Non medical home care improves food security. Whether you need someone to pick up groceries amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, or help prepare fresh meals, our team can help.

Free Non Medical Home Care Consultation In Brookfield, Wisconsin

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