Make Your Home Safer with Senior Care Service

Make Your Home Safer with Senior Care Service in Brookfield

Last year, the American Association of Retired Persons published an article titled “Make Your Home Safe for Your Aging Parent” in which 9 tips for upping home safety were shared. And while they’re all great tips, many aren’t so easy to implement without professional help or 40+ hour time commitments, both of which most informal family caregivers lack.

But Always Best Care Greater Milwaukee can help. Our senior care service makes it easy to implement the topAARP recommendations, then takes home safety up another notch by placing your loved one under the constant supervision of a qualified professional caregiver.

Read on to learn how.

Optimizing AARP Home Safety Recommendations with Senior Care Services

  1. Assess the home. The first AARP recommendation is to conduct a home assessment and create a safety enhancement plan.“Start with a home assessment by an occupational therapist, physical therapist, geriatric care manager or other certified aging-in-place specialist.”

    They suggest calling in a pro, since most family caregivers won’t know what to look for. But we do!

    Home assessments are a staple of our senior care service. In fact, it’s the first thing we do: we discuss your home care needs during the initial care consultation and use this assessment to inform our custom care plan design. We can help you identify areas for improvement in the home and also recommend assistive technologies or modifications that may be of use.

  2. Modify. Once we’ve identified areas for improvement around the home, it’s time to modify your loved one’s space for successful aging in place. 

    Though we are not remodelers or assistive technology IT experts, we do have an extensive professional network of related senior care service providers in the Brookfield, Wisconsin area. Whether you need to find someone to install a stair-climber and step-over bathtubs or need to relocate your loved one to an assisted living facility in Brookfield, Wisconsin, you can trust our referrals!

  3. Make simple fixes. According to AARP research, 25% of older adults take a serious fall in the home every year. You can reduce your loved one’s fall risk by staying on top of simple maintenance and fall-prevention tasks. Remove throw rugs, lay down rubber-backed bathmats, change dead lightbulbs, keep steps clear, clear electric cords and clutter, and so on. These simple tasks take a little extra time and effort, but they can prevent life-threatening falls.Ironically, though, doing many of these tasks directly increase your loved one’s risk of falling. For instance, many seniors fall down the stairs while bending down to clear clutter from the steps. Any time your loved one attempts to clean up a fall hazard, they’re directing exposing themselves to it.

    All of these home maintenance tasks are included as part of ABC Greater Milwaukee’s senior care service. Hiring our team effectively automates fall-prevention tasks and maintenance around the home and eliminates the need for your loved one to get involved.

  4. Hire a senior care service–and do your homework. Like all senior care experts, the AARP recognizes the value of senior care services for increasing home safety. Having a qualified helper on-hand means your loved one is always being monitored and protected by somebody with extensive training in senior care and support.But you need to do your homework. The AARP recommends choosing a senior care service with licensed, bonded, and insured employees who receive in-house training to national standards. You can contact community-based organizations or Veterans Affairs for senior care service referrals, or simply visit our website to learn what makes us Brookfield, Wisconsin’s most trusted home care resource.

Learn More About Senior Care Services in Brookfield, Wisconsin

At Always Best Care, we provide unparalleled senior care service that can improve the safety of any home care environment.

Call 262-721-0765 or visit our website to learn more about the complete continuum of senior care services currently available in Greater Milwaukee and the surrounding areas.

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