In Home Care Promotes Top 5 Senior QOL Strategies

In Home Care Promotes Top Five Senior QOL Strategies Key

As our parents age, we all want to give them the best care to ensure they live their Golden Years to the fullest.

A recent article by Daily Caring highlighted 5 strategies to improve quality of life (QOL) for seniors.

Building off their research, today’s post explains how in home care services  supports all 5 of these QOL-boosting recommendations.

In Home Care Promotes Top-5 Senior QOL Strategies

According to DailyCaring, the top-5 strategies to boost senior QOL are as follows:

  • Treat depression. Research by the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry estimates that major depression will affect 2-5% of community dwelling older adults and 5-10% of older adults in primary care settings (Hoeft et al., 2016). Late-life depression seriously affects quality of life. It is associated with significant health care costs, family stressors, and increased suicide risk (p. 18).Accordingly, it’s no surprise that treating depression is #1 on the list. Recognizing the signs of depression and seeking proper treatment should be a priority.ABC Greater Milwaukee’s in home care program supports early depression diagnoses and effective treatment in a number of ways. Round-the-clock support staff can assist your family members in identifying the symptoms of depression. Our in-home caregivers’ eyes and ears are especially useful for families who live far away. In cases where symptoms are recognized, our in home care team can escort your loved one to appointments and provide medication monitoring to improve treatment outcomes.
  • Feel useful or needed. “From the very young to the very old, everyone wants to be useful.” Nobody likes to feel like a burden, which is why our in home care services are designed to promote your loved one’s independence. Our continuum of care can be scaled from light assistance and accompaniment on errands, to intensive round-the-clock care. We design our care plans to maximize your loved one’s independent aging in place, and thereby make them feel useful.
  • Stay physically active. Everybody knows it’s important to stay active, but it can be hard as we grow older. Mobility issues and chronic pain can make it difficult and unsafe to get active unsupervised. In this regard, in home care services can be a real asset. While not certified in personal training, in home care providers can accompany your loved one on walks and errands to get their step count up for the day. We can also monitor seniors who implement their own exercise at-home to ensure they stay safe while getting healthy.
  • Stay mentally active. Our in home care service includes a number of stimulating activities. From chatting and reminiscing to crossword puzzles and special events, in home care workers keep your loved one safe and engaged when you can’t.
  • Stay connected with family, friends, and community. In home care helps families connect in a number of ways. By lifting the care burden, we give families the time and energy for memory-making. We can also assist your loved one with phone and video calling, or escort/transport them to family events.

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Hoeft, T. J., Hinton, L., Liu, J., &Unützer, J. (2016). Directions for effectiveness research to improve health services for late-life depression in the United States. The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 24(1), 18-30.

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