How To Find The Perfect Assisted Living Placement: Get The FAQ Straight

How To Find The Perfect Assisted Living Placement: Get The FAQ Straight

Today’s post is all about how to find the perfect assisted living placement in Brookfield, WI.

Read on to brush up on some assisted living basics, then explore two free assisted living placement options you can use to get great results in Brookfield, WI.

What Is Assisted Living?

The term “assisted living” refers to special facilities designed for individuals who need some level of care monitoring services, but choose to live in more independent settings, without 24-hour access to nursing support. There are four different kinds of assisted living facilities in Brookfield, Wisconsin, described below.

What Are My Options For An Assisted Living Placement?

In Brookfield, Wisconsin, there are four basic types of assisted living facilities you should be aware of:

  • Adult day care (ADC)—ADC is a day program that provides varying services for seniors, such as personal care and supervision, provision of meals, medical care/medication management, transportation, and social activities. ADC may be provided at-home, in free-standing centers, and in multi-use community facilities, like churches, schools, and senior centers.
  • Adult family homes (AFH)—AFHs are places where adults can live and seek care, treatment, or services, including up to seven hours per week of nursing care per resident. Three and four-bed AFHs are regulated by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS); one and two-bed AFHs are regulated by individual county Human Services departments.
  • Community-based residential facilities (CBRFs)—CBRFs house five or more unrelated people (up to 257 beds), who live and receive care, including up to 3 hours per week of nursing services, together in a community setting. According to the Wisconsin DHS, CBRFs are not suitable for seniors who require care “above intermediate level nursing care.”
  • Residential care apartment complexes (RCAC)—RCACs are independent apartment complexes that house between 5 and 109 residents, with the average complex size being 36 apartments. Supportive services, personal assistance, nursing services, and emergency assistance are provided.

How Can I Find The Right Assisted Living Placement In Brookfield, WI?

Brookfield residents have plenty of fantastic care facilities to choose from, and several ways to go about their assisted living placement. One option is to use the Wisconsin Department of Health Services’ Provider Search tool. You can search for assisted living facilities by name, by provider location/proximity, or by your specific care needs. Simply fill out the Provider Search tool form and you’ll get a list of nearby providers that meet your criteria.

However, while this tool is a useful starting point, it won’t tell you the whole story. Before you know which facilities are right for your family, you’ll still need to speak with facility operators, schedule tours, ask the right questions, and research reviews.

Another option is to book an assisted living placement with Always Best Care. Just like when you use the Provider Search tool, you’ll end with a list of facilities to explore. But unlike an automated search, our assisted living placement process is highly personalized. In fact, every assisted living placement starts with a detailed care consultation, during which we discuss your loved one’s unique care needs, preferences, and budget.

Using this care profile, we create a shortlist of personalized recommendations, then accompany our clients on guided tours, making sure you ask all the right questions and get the answers you need to make an informed choice. And because we’re remunerated by our assisted living partners, we’re able to offer this service to Brookfield residents at no charge.

Book A No-Cost Assistance Living Placement In Brookfield, WI

For the past 11 years, we’ve been helping Brookfield seniors land the perfect assisted living placements, and we can do the same for you! Call (262)-439-8616 to book an assisted living placement with our senior care specialists in Brookfield, WI, or book online via the Always Best Care website.

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