How To Achieve ‘Aging Mastery’ With Non Medical Home Care

How To Achieve ‘Aging Mastery’ With Non Medical Home Care

Has your mom or dad “mastered” old age? Today’s post reviews the 9 key components of “aging mastery,” then explains how our non medical home care program optimizes each and every one.

Read on to learn 9 ways we help seniors in Greater Milwaukee achieve their aging goals, or call 262-439-8616 for a free non-medical home care consultation in Brookfield, WI.

Senior Research Highlights 9 Components Of “Aging Mastery”

In a seminal study from 1997, researchers Rowe and Kahn described successful aging as:

  1. “Absence or avoidance of disease and risk factors for disease.”
  2. “Maintenance of physical and cognitive functioning.”
  3. “Active engagement with life.”

In pursuit of these goals, the National Council on Aging developed the Aging Mastery Program (AMP), which consistently resulted in a “significant level of improvement in physical activity and advanced care planning” over the course of ten senior center studies.

The NCOA’s Aging Mastery Program focuses on 9 key components of successful aging:

  1. Exercise—Incorporating meditation, aerobics, strengthening, flexibility, and balance into seniors’ daily routines
  2. Sleep—Monitoring and optimizing the sleep cycle through proper nighttime routines and impeccable sleep hygiene
  3. Healthy eating and hydration—Promoting healthy eating and hydration in seniors’ daily routines
  4. Financial fitness—Helping seniors set financial goals and boundaries with friends and family
  5. Advance planning—Guiding seniors’ health care, financial planning, and housing/care decisions
  6. Healthy relationships—Exploring the benefits of social activity and helping strengthen community connections as we age
  7. Medication management—Teaching seniors how to take medications as directed, store medications safely, and reduce the risks of polypharmacy
  8. Community engagement—Showing seniors how to make meaningful connections and identify personal aptitudes with volunteer and civic opportunities
  9. Fall prevention—Keeping seniors standing with a variety of fall-prevention tips and strategies.

Each of these areas play an important part in your loved one’s healthy aging, but you don’t need to be a NCOA student to get results. That’s because at Always Best Care, every non-medical home care program is designed with these 9 key components in mind.

Achieve “aging Mastery” With Non-medical Home Care In Brookfield, Wi

Every non-medical home care program is designed to optimize the NCOA’s 9 components of aging mastery:

  1. Non medical home care creates opportunities for safe senior exercise. Whether your loved one prefers a gentle walk, an afternoon of gardening, or a COVID-safe home-exercise program, we can help with setup, safety monitoring, and encouragement.
  2. Non medical home care simplifies sleep hygiene. We can help your loved one implement a custom nighttime routine and create a comfortable sleep environment for better rest.
  3. Non medical home care provides wholesome meals with fast-food convenience. We handle the grocery shopping, food prep, cooking, serving, and cleaning—all your loved one has to do is show up hungry!
  4. Non medical home care makes financial organization easy. We can help your loved one track their spending, avoid common senior scams, organize paperwork, and declutter workspaces to help with their financial planning.
  5. Non medical home care takes the stress out of advanced planning. Our continuum of care offers all the support you need for independent living, and we can also refer you to qualified assisted living centers in Brookfield as needed. Plus our free consultation is a great way to kick off the care conversation.
  6. Non medical home care promotes healthy relationships. Whether you need assistance with hosting or transportation to events with family and friends, we’re here to help. During COVID-19, we also enforce proper distancing and pandemic-safety protocols while your loved one enjoys much-needed social interaction.
  7. Non medical home care reduces risks of medication mismanagement. We enhance doctor-patient communication, monitor medication use and provide reminders as needed.
  8. Non medical home care helps seniors connect to their communities. We’ve built strong relationships with Brookfield senior centers, event planners, and health care providers that we use to keep our clients connected.
  9. Non medical home care is a winning fall-prevention strategy. We fall-proof homes, monitor senior safety, assist with activities of daily living, and reduce fall risks with the Balance Tracking System.

Free Non Medical Home Care Consultation In Brookfield, Wi

Call 262-439-8616 or visit the Always Best Care of Greater Milwaukee website to book a 100% free consultation and learn more about how we can help your loved one achieve “Aging Mastery.”

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