How In Home Care Providers Advocate for Brookfield Seniors

How In Home Care Providers Advocate for Brookfield Seniors

Today’s post highlights the in-home care provider’s role as senior advocate, then explains what Always Best Care does to make sure older adults’ voices are heard and heeded in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

What Does It Mean To Advocate For Aging Parents?

As in home care providers, we’re responsible for many things, including scheduling, managing finances, maintaining the home, and assisting with activities of daily living. But according to a new report by the AARP, nothing’s quite as important as advocating for aging parents.

So what does that mean? Basically, it’s about fighting for their best interests and making sure voices are heard, no matter what care setting they end up in.

The AARP’s criteria for advocacy includes:

  • Understanding and honoring seniors’ wishes for care and quality of life
  • Helping loved one manage finances and legal matters
  • Making certain that seniors receive appropriate and high-quality senior services and treatments
  • Being the voice of seniors who are unable to advocate for themselves

If the idea of advocating for your loved one seems overwhelming, don’t worry! Our in-home care providers provide all the skills and services recommended for senior advocacy by the AARP. What follows is a look at the top-four senior advocacy skills our in home care teams bring to the table to ensure your loved one’s voice is heard.

How In Home Care Providers Advocate For Brookfield Seniors

In addition to directly advocating for your loved one while providing support out of the home (e.g. making sure they get what they ordered at restaurants, or that they get the care they need in healthcare settings), we enhance the AARP’s top-3 criteria for effective advocacy:

  1. In home care providers enhance observation. “We are often too busy or exhausted to notice small changes, but sometimes the slightest shift in our loved ones’ abilities, health, moods, safety needs or desires is an indicator of a much larger problem,” writes the AARP. “Catching those changes early can make all the difference.”

    As primary caregivers who monitor your loved one on a daily basis, our in-home care providers are perfectly positioned to catch these small changes. Thus, we greatly enhance our clients’ observational capacities, helping them develop better baselines for mom or dad’s behavior, then instantly reporting any changes and coordinating proper treatments or care adjustments.

  2. In-home care providers enhance organization. “There are so many moving parts in a caregiving plan, it’s tough to keep it organized,” writes the AARP. But as an advocate, you’ll need all the information in order to make the best possible decisions for your loved one, so it’s important to organize all financial and legal documents. If you’re already overwhelmed by your caregiving duties, that’s easier said than done, but our in-home care providers can help. Organization services are offered as part of every home care plan, so you’ll always have easy access to important information.
  3. In-home care providers enhance communication. “This is key for building relationships with those who help care for your loved ones (from family members to lawyers, doctors, and more),” writes the AARP.

    Our in home care team facilitates better communication in several ways. For example, we provide a reliable, round-the-clock point of contact so you can already get in touch with mom or dad when you need to. We’re also able to sit-in on legal or medical appointments as needed, both to keep track of important prescriptions or advice, and to make sure your loved one’s voice is heard (and their week-old medical or legal questions are asked and answered).

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