How Can You Protect Your Senior From The Risk Of Falling?

Risk of falling is often overlooked, but it poses a great threat for seniors, especially for those, who live alone. It can lead to serious injuries for seniors such as broken bones and head injuries. If your loved one lives alone, then you should make sure that they are safe from this risk. And, here are some tips for it.

  • You should check your senior’s house to make sure there are no falling threats such as a damaged treads on stairs. Install shower grab bars in bathroom to help your loved one keep their balance. Repair loose floorboards and secure loose rugs. Make sure stairs’ railings are secure and strong.

  • If your senior takes medication that can affect their balance and walking abilities, then make sure to talk about it, both with your senior and their physician.

  • You should make sure that your loved one gets regular eye and ear checkups. With this, you can ensure that they have no impairments. And if they have, then take precautions accordingly.

  • You should encourage your senior to exercise regularly, so they stay fit and active. It will decrease falling risks for your loved one by improving their strength, balance, coordination and flexibility.

It is also advised to regularly check on your senior in order to recognize any potential fall, slip or trip threats in the house. And if other responsibilities take you away, then make sure someone else checks up on your loved one, be it a friend or a family member. You can also hire a professional caregiver, who can not only check up on your senior, but also help them in daily living.

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