How Brookfield In Home Care Services Support Wisconsin’s Fall-Free Initiatives

How Brookfield In Home Care Services Support Wisconsin’s Fall-Free Initiatives

Today’s post reviews some helpful fall risk reduction tips from the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging’s FallsFree Initiative, all of which are already included as part of our in-home care services in Brookfield, WI.

How To Assess Your Loved One’s Fall Risk — Ncoa Checklist

The first step in the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging’s (WIHA) FallsFree Initiative is to assess your loved one’s fall risk.

The National Council on Aging’s Falls Free CheckUp tool uses the following questions to help seniors self-assess their fall risk:

  • Have you fallen in the past year? People who have fallen once are likely to fall again.
  • Have you been advised to use a cane or walker to get around safely? Seniors who have been advised to use walkers and canes may already be more likely to fall.
  • Do you sometimes feel unsteady while walking? Do you steady yourself by holding onto furniture at home? These are both signs of poor balance, which puts you at-risk of taking a tumble.
  • Are you worried about falling? Research shows that seniors who worry about falling are more likely to fall.
  • Do you need to push with your hands to stand up from a chair? Do you struggle to step up onto curbs? These challenges indicate weak leg muscles, which are a common cause for falling.
  • Do you often have to rush to the toilet? Rushing to the bathroom at night greatly increases your risk of falling.
  • Have you lost any feeling in your feet? Numbness in your feet may cause stumbles and fall.
  • Do you take medicine that causes dizziness, light-headedness or fatigue? Side effects from medicines frequently cause falls, research shows.
  • Do you experience feelings of sadness or depression? Depression is linked to fall risk in several studies.

Based on your answers, you’ll receive a score between 0 to 14. If you score 4 points or more, you may be at risk for falling, and it’s time to take action!

How Brookfield In-home Care Services Reduce Fall Risk At Home

Once you’ve assessed your loved one’s fall risk, it’s time to take action. While hiring in-home care services is the best option for total peace of mind, there’s plenty of other things you can do to fall-proof the home. This will reduce your loved one’s fall risk even when they’re receiving informal care, or hanging out on their own. And if you’re partnered with Always Best Care, your in-home care provider can handle all of the following tasks.

To fall-proof your home, the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging recommends:

  • Maintaining the front door. This high-traffic entryway is one of the most common sites of serious slip-and-fall injuries. Check the front steps for damage and repair any cracks or wobbly steps as soon as possible; ensure all entryways are well-lit, perhaps with motion sensor lights that turn on automatically; and consider installing a grab bar or other assistive device. Your in-home care team can handle it all, along with several other light home maintenance tasks.
  • Optimizing the kitchen space. Place everyday items within easy reach and plan ahead for special needs. If your loved one likes to cook, ask your in-home care provider to rotate seasonal items (e.g. baking dishes used only around the holidays) for easier access. It’s also a good idea to replace scatter rugs with rubber-backed rugs, and make a point of cleaning up spills immediately. Alternately, if your in-home care worker does most of the work in the kitchen, you can cut this fall risk out entirely.

We’re happy to implement fall interventions in every room of the house. In addition, our in-home care services mitigate fall risk in the following ways:

  • Manage your medication
  • Help implement exercise plans to strengthen muscles and bones, and improve balance
  • Keep your loved one accountable regarding mobility programs
  • Ensure eyeglasses and hearing aids are up to date
  • Decrease your loved one’s risk of depressions with companionship services

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