Helping Brookfield Families Balance Senior Care and Self-Care Needs

Helping Brookfield Families Balance Older Adults Care and Self-Care Needs

Prioritizing self-care is harder than it sounds, especially for those solely in charge of their parent’s day-to-day caregiving. With only so many hours in the day, something’s got to give, and the choice between compromising our self-care, career, or parent’s well-being usually makes itself.

If that sounds like you, don’t despair: you’re not alone, and we can help. According to a new Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) report, you’re one of more than 34-million Americans who identify as primary unpaid caregivers for adults aged 50 or older.

Read on to learn 3 tips for finding the caregiver-life balance, as well as how Always Best Care Greater Milwaukee can help!

Finding the Balance: 3 Tips for Caregiver Self-Care

  • Stop feeling guilty. Guilty caregivers don’t make time for themselves. Even those who can fight through the guilt and carve out free time end up feeling rotten instead of rejuvenated.The trick isn’t to fight through the guilt, it’s to stop feeling guilty. But again, easier said than done. There’s lots we can do to give our clients peace of mind, but this change needs to happen within you.For some people, it’s helpful to think of how their own self-care benefits their loved one. Remember this old adage: you cannot pour from an empty cup. The FCA says that making time for self-care is as important as applying your own oxygen mask on an airplane before assisting others. Put simply, the quality of care you’re able to offer goes up when you stay healthy.Choosing a senior care service is a great way to find respite without feeling guilty. Brookfield, Wisconsin families that choose Always Best Care know that their loved ones are receiving exceptional care, enjoying great company and conversation, and getting some much-needed independent time.
  • Schedule self-care (and stick to it!). When your schedule gets hectic, self-care is the first thing that drops off the to-do list. Instead of telling yourself you’ll do it “when you have time,” start making time by scheduling self-care activities. Start small. Even a 10-minute workout or piano practice period can be enough to keep you going on those hard days. Whatever it is you like to do, write it into your day planner and stick to the schedule!Our senior care team can help you pinpoint the perfect “break times” and take advantage of them. In addition to keeping you up to date with your loved one’s schedule, our flexible service means there’s always a caregiver available to step in if you need to step out.
  • Explore group senior activities near you. Group senior activities make the perfect respite refuge for overworked caregivers! Busying your loved one with arts and crafts, dances, and senior events gives you a guilt-free window of time to fill with whatever self-care activity you like, and also helps your aging parent or spouse stay socially active.Here again, ABC Greater Milwaukee can help you find the respite you need. Whether your loved one needs help finding local group activities, getting a ride to the big event, or simply wants to socialize in the comfort of their home, our senior care team has the solution. We have extensive knowledge of Brookfield, Wisconsin’s senior resources, offer full transportation and escort to social events, and our companion caregivers are always up for entertaining!

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