Getting Out With In-Home Care: Rediscover Live Music In Brookfield, WI

Getting Out with In-Home Care: Rediscover Live Music in Brookfield, WI

Attending live music events is a great way to get out of the house and reconnect with the community, and our in-home care teams make it easy for music lovers of any age and ability.

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Rediscover The Joy Of Live Music With In-Home Care In Brookfield, WI

After more than two years spent sheltering in place, the COVID-19 pandemic is nearly under control, and many seniors are eager to reconnect with their community at local events, especially as studies reporting the health risks of social isolation keep piling up.

But the fight isn’t over yet. Until the pandemic threat period ends, the CDC is advising seniors and other vulnerable populations to continue to practice social distancing and avoid high-risk situations, such as indoor events with maskless crowds and poor air circulation.

How can we reconcile these seemingly conflicting interests, to get out, have fun, and get social, while also keeping COVID-safe?

Live music is the answer, and Brookfield residents are in luck, as there are plenty of great events coming up. Not only are these events extremely COVID-friendly, being outside where ventilation is ideal and social distancing is easy, but they’re also great for healthy aging, combining the salutary effects of socialization, music therapy, and outdoor therapy. Best of all, the following concert series are totally free, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Rewolinski, E., 2022):

  • Franklin Park Concerts at Lions Legend Park Band Shell, behind Franklin City Hall
  • Hartland Community Band events, hosted at the City Beach Band Shell
  • Twilight Concerts at Fowler park
  • Village Nites on the Green at Greendale Gazebo Park
  • Riverside Rhythms at the Old Bus Depot at 29 Riverfront St., Waukesha

Of course, for some seniors, particularly those with chronic conditions and disabilities that reduce mobility and independence, getting out to these events is easier said than done. But that’s where our in-home care teams can help.

In addition to researching local events that suit your loved one’s tastes, and taking care of any required registration, our in-home care teams can:

  • Provide transportation to-and-from any live music event
  • Ensure your loved one is prepared and protected (e.g. masks for COVID-19 protection, sunscreen for sunny days, and ear plugs for excessively loud live music)
  • Support your loved one with all activities of daily living (ADLs) during their outing
  • Monitor your loved ones’ hydration, medication, and general wellbeing/enjoyment level during the event, and respond to any issues straight away
  • Coordinate get-togethers at live events with friends and family, and more!

Book A Free In-Home Care Consultation In Brookfield, WI

Whether you’re looking to get out and reconnect with the Greater Milwaukee community, or have more fun at home, our team is here to help.

Our suite of homekeeping, companionship, and in-home care services has kept thousands of seniors safe, happy, and comfortable throughout Brookfield and the surrounding areas, and we can do the same for your family. We deliver out of the box thinking to address all age-related challenges and meet any in-home care needs through the coordination of resources, advocacy, and caregiver support. No matter what you choose, we guarantee 100% personalization, and our flexible contracts keep you in control.

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