Fun Board Games For Seniors In Assisted Living

There are several ways that senior citizens can have lots of fun and enjoy themselves even when they are dependent on assisted living facilities. One way seniors in assisted living can enjoy themselves is through playing board games during their leisure time. Board games are great for helping to stimulate mental faculties and keeping those who play them alert, while ensuring that they are enjoying the experience.

What Kind of Board Games Are Best Suited For Seniors?

Seniors can enjoy many board games. These include single player games (for those who may wish to enjoy their solitude from time to time), and of course multi-player games that help to build friendships or stimulate camaraderie and fostering other social benefits.

Some of the most popular and fun board games that seniors can enjoy include:

– Classic card games such as Rummy and Pinochle

– Backgammon

– Scrabble

– Bingo

– Chess

– Checkers

There are certainly others that would be fun, too. These games are easy to set up and simple to play, making them perfect for seniors who may or may not have existing physical and cognitive limitations. It is important that the games chosen for seniors to enjoy are fun, mildly challenging and simple. They need not be too complicated.

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