Culinary Independence for Bristol CT Seniors

For seniors, the comforts of home make everyday living happy and fulfilling. While cooking multi-course meals may become a bit more difficult, there are many easy meal ideas for seniors and their caregivers to enjoy without skimping on flavor or nutritional value. The in home care Bristol CT seniors experience with Always Best Care includes working in the kitchen together.  While Bristol has several popular restaurants that elderly individuals can enjoy, in home cooking can provide a sense of independence and satisfaction. Let’s look at some of these delicious meal ideas.

senior care bristol ctSmoothies

Fresh fruit smoothies make great snacks or quick meal replacements. The combination of milk, yogurt and fresh fruit blended together creates a treat high in calcium and protein. Simple to make with a simple push of a button!


This breakfast staple is filling and gentle on the stomach. It’s a quick meal to make and can be easily prepared in the microwave or on the stove. A serving of fresh fruit adds a bit of flavor along with additional nutrients.


When utilizing assisted living Bristol CT seniors are able to utilize more appliances in the kitchen that they may not safely do otherwise. Using the stove top to whip up an omelet is a wonderful option for any part of the day. Simple ingredients like ham, milk, eggs, cheese and peppers creates lots of possibilities.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are packed with benefits and can easily be boiled then added to cereal, oatmeal, toast. They can also be kept dried and added to salads.

Slow Cooker Meals

A slow cooker requires minimal effort but can produce hundreds of delicious meals. A senior’s favorite meat and vegetables can be thrown in for a few hours, resulting in a fully cooked and satisfying meal.

Other simple meal ideas include casseroles, sweet and sour meals, various salads, no bake desserts, even dressed up sandwiches. With ABC providing a bit of elderly care Bristol CT seniors can have the meals they really want.

To learn more about culinary assistance and the exceptional senior care Bristol CT services that residents can trust, contact Always Best Care. The office is located at 22 Pine Street, Suite 213 in Bristol CT. You can reach Rick Downey, local owner of Always Best Care, by email at [email protected]. The fully CNA certified staff prides themselves on providing unsurpassed elderly care and each staff member possesses culinary training for American cuisine. The senior in your life can still feel independent and productive in their own kitchen with assistance from ABC.

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