Choosing the Best Pet For a Senior Citizen

We live in a time where communication can be managed with the use of many handy gadgets. However, while this allows us to communicate, at times it can also make us feel alone or left out. Senior citizens feel that way, as most are accustomed to physical interactions, as opposed to communication via smartphones or computers.

Lonely Seniors

Studies show that 18% of seniors live alone, especially after a spouse has passed on. In fact, 1 out of 7 elderly citizens who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, live by themselves.

The sad part is that even in cases where the senior has family, they may still feel loneliness. Research shows that 43% of seniors (regardless of living situation) feel lonely on a regular basis. The feeling of immense solitude can cause a speedy decline in their health.

Pets to the Rescue

An emotional bond can alter one’s mood and this is why pets may help senior citizens. Here are some of the top pets for seniors:

Dogs- Choosing a dog for a senior citizen should be done with great care. It is usually a bad idea to get a puppy, as they may be too hyperactive. Small to medium-sized breeds are easier for seniors to handle. The most common breeds deemed suitable for seniors are Terriers, Poodles, Chihuahuas and Shih Tzu’s.

Cats- Cats are independent creatures, making them ideal pets as well. Once again, it would be best to avoid pairing a senior with a kitten, as they may be too rambunctious. Select a cat based on temperament. Persians and ragdolls are generally relaxed, making them ideal companions for elderly individuals.

Birds- Birds make excellent companions for seniors as well. Just like cats and dogs, small birds can be trained to adapt to life indoors. Parrots and cockatiels can even be trained to talk, much to the delight of their elderly companions.

Always Best Care Tips for Pet Selection

While pets can ease the loneliness, please select one that your elderly loved one is not allergic to. Always Best Care, the senior and home care Bristol expert, urges family members to avoid giving seniors pets. He or she should initiate this process, as some older individuals are too set on their ways and may not want to buy or adopt a furry friend.

If you wish to know more about pet selection for elderly individuals, schedule an appointment with one of the representatives from elderly care Bristol CT authority, Always Best Care today.

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