Building Better Patient-Physician Relationships with Wisconsin Senior Care

Building Better Patient-Physician Relationships with Wisconsin Senior Care

Today’s post details how Always Best Care of Brookfield is keeping elderly Wisconsinites happy, healthy, and out of hospitals by building better patient-physician relationships. Read on to learn about just one of the many amazing benefits of senior care.

The Protective Effect of Healthy Patient-Physician Relationships

Confirming what we’ve all suspected for years, new research has concluded that adults over the age of 65 live longer and stay healthier when they have strong connections with their primary care doctors.

The study looked at the medical records and hospital claims of more than 5 million Medicare recipients. At the end of their meta-analysis, researchers determined that older people with “the greatest access to full-time primary care doctors practicing in offices or outpatient clinics were 9 percent less likely to be admitted to a hospital for preventable conditions.”

When you consider the growing body of research highlighting the health risks of elderly hospitalization, the value of that nine percent decrease becomes clear. Prolonged hospital stays can cause all kinds of complications for older adults. For instance, one study found that the dietary changes, long-term immobilization, and stress of hospitalization frequently caused vulnerable seniors to experience an “irreversible functional decline” unrelated to the original cause of their admission. Improving the patient-physician relationship helps your loved one avoid all that.

More importantly, the study of Medicare recipients found that the death rate was about five percent lower for those with easy and regular access to primary care doctors. That’s as good a reason as any to invest in building a better physician-patient relationship.

If your loved one struggles to book and attend regular health appointments, that’s all the more reason to strengthen this relationship.

But life doesn’t always leave us time to nurture our aging parents’ relationships in addition to our own. When career and family obligations start to pile up, it can be tough to find the time to book and attend all of your parents’ appointments. It’s even harder if you live outside of Brookfield, Wisconsin–now you have to add the time and cost of travel to every check-up.

If that sounds like you, don’t despair: our senior care service can help.

Senior Care Strengthens the Patient-Physician Relationship

If you’re looking for a way to give your loved one the protective health benefits of a strong physician-patient relationship, our senior care team can help. We provide:

  • Appointment bookings with primary care doctors
  • Reminders to ensure loved ones attend all appointments and pay no cancellation fees
  • Safe transportation to all appointments
  • Full non-medical care and support while traveling to and from appointments
  • Accompaniment during doctor’s consultations as requested to help retain information and assist with communication
  • Assistance with medication monitoring and adherence, as well as symptom monitoring and reporting
  • Reliable point of contact in case you need to reach your loved one for any reason

We can even help you find senior care resources and specialists in your area. Having served the Brookfield, Wisconsin community for years, we have built a strong professional network which includes reputable health care providers all over Greater Milwaukee.

You can learn more about our customizable senior care services here.

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