Brookfield In Home Care Services: Is your Senior’s Forgetfulness a Sign of Something Serious?

Brookfield In Home Care Services

As a provider of in home care services in Brookfield, Wisconsin, we often encounter clients with the symptoms of dementia.  Dementia refers to progressive cognitive decline, serious memory loss,and is most typically caused by Alzheimer’s disease.  While occasional forgetfulness is considered a normal part of aging, many clients are anxious that their lapses are signs of dementia.  It is important to consult a doctor with these concerns.  The earlier a doctor can diagnose the cause of dementia, the better, as it ensures time to adequately prepare for the disease process.  However, if a doctor deems incidents of forgetfulness to be normal, this reassurance can provide invaluable peace of mind

Brookfield In Home Care Services: What is Considered Normal Forgetfulness?

The aging process entails slowing down, both physically and mentally.  As a leading provider of in home care services in Brookfield, we find that people are often prepared to accept that physical changes are a natural process of aging, while they become alarmed by changes in the mind.  Basically, cognitive functions can slow with age, which means that it takes a little longer to recall information and requires a little more effort to learn something new.  It is not uncommon for people to forget the names of recent acquaintances, to forget an occasional appointment, or to lose their keys.  These are inconveniences, but they do not impair a person’s capacity for independent daily living.

Brookfield In Home Care Services: What are the Signs of Something More Serious?

On a number of consultations, we have been speaking to clients in Brookfield who would like in home care services for a loved one.  When the loved one suffers from dementia, the challenges they describe exemplify the signs of something more serious than forgetfulness.  For example, it is normal to have trouble recalling an uncommon word to describe specific circumstances; however, it is a concern if a person forgets commonly used words (cat, dog, door, bed) or frequently mixes them up in conversation.  It is normal to occasionally misplace one’s glasses or keys, only to later find them on the desk or in a purse.  However, if someone routinely loses items and finds them in places that do not make sense (finding a cell phone in the freezer, for example), this should be taken as a warning sign.

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On the one hand, people experiencing normal, age-related mental decline are cognizant of their forgetfulness and it does not threaten their ability to live independently.  On the other hand, signs of a more serious problem often include the inability to recognize the memory problems and an inability to remain independent.  At Always Best Care, our caregivers undergo training to better assist clients with Alzheimer’s or different causes of dementia.  However, our in home care services can also help seniors develop ways of coping with normal age-related forgetfulness.  If you’d like to know how our services can help you, please do not hesitate to reach out to an Always Best Care representative.

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