Bad Habits That Older Adults Should Quit

When it comes to bad habits, most seniors believe that it’s too late to change. They believe that the damage is done, and quitting bad habits now won’t change a thing. But remember that every little change matters. You still have the time to reverse the damage on some level and enjoy the results.

Here is a list of bad habits that older adults should definitely quit.

Smoking – Seniors should quit this bad habit regardless of their age. It increases the risk of cancer, heart problems and various other diseases. It may be challenging in the beginning, but you can still give it up. You can use family and loved ones as motivation to quit smoking. You will also save money (usually spent on cigarettes).

Excessive alcohol consumption – Excessive alcohol consumption is very bad for health, and the risk is even higher for seniors. In the holiday season (which is just around the corner), drinking alcohol becomes a bigger problem. Regardless of the season, seniors are advised to limit alcohol consumption.

Spending too much time inside
– As they age, seniors start to spend more and more time inside. Mobility issues, lack of transportation, worsening diseases and declining health are some of the reasons why they avoid going out. But it can turn into a bad habit with effects on physical and mental health. Older adults should try to go out as much as they can to meet loved ones or new people and to get the chances to socialize.

Eating unhealthy – Seniors may eat unhealthy food due to meal management issues. Inability to stand for longer periods to prepare food or to go out for grocery shopping makes them dependent on ready to eat meals, which are unhealthy. Alternatively, seniors should try to eat healthy foods, and if they need help, then family members can provide it.

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