Always Best Senior Services Bring Benefits Of ‘Memory Cafe’ To The Home

Always Best Senior Services Bring Benefits Of ‘Memory Cafe’ To The Home

Exciting new research by the AARP suggests ‘Memory Cafes’ can help seniors with dementia. Today’s post explains how to bring the benefits of a ‘Memory Cafe’ home with Always Best senior services.

Seniors Need Dementia Care In Brookfield, Wisconsin

According to Alzheimers.Net, there were 110,000 people living with Alzheimer’s diagnoses in Wisconsin in 2014. Since then, the numbers have only increased.

Fortunately, dementia care resources are expanding every day. Memory Cafes are one of the more recent additions to support workers’ dementia care arsenals.

What Is A “memory Cafe” And How Does It Help Seniors?

In September 2019, the AARP published an article titled “Memory Cafes Offer Social Activities for Those Living with Dementia.” Therein, author Amy Goyer describes how a social program called the “Memory Cafe” was helping seniors living with dementia and their caregivers.

Memory cafes are typically offered in restaurants, coffee shops, hospitals, libraries, museums, schools, colleges, universities, community centers, senior centers, senior living communities, and faith-based organizations. Activities vary, often including education, music, dancing, and arts. All memory cafes offer opportunities to socialize.

The Memory Cafe program is not a form of respite care. Instead, it’s a place where both caregiver and care recipient can go to socialize together and connect with Brookfield, Wisconsin community members in similar situations. Dementia can be very isolating, especially as we enter later stages, but the Memory Cafe creates a safe space that allows seniors to stay engaged with others.

The benefits of Memory Cafes include:

  • Preventing social isolation and depression
  • Stimulating the brain and memory with different activities
  • Improving mood and spreading joy
  • Connecting caregivers with local resources and caregiving peers

Bringing ‘memory Cafes’ Home With Always Best Senior Services

Always Best senior services brings all the benefits of a memory cafe inside the home. In fact, the Memory Cafe program sounds a lot like our Home Helper and Companion Caregiver plans, which focus on mental stimulation, memory-making, and socializing.

We offer a wide range of activities that can transform any living room into your very own Memory Cafe, including:

  • Playing games and puzzles
  • Renting movies and media to watch and discuss
  • Playing music
  • Going for light walks
  • Scrapbooking
  • Reminiscing about old times
  • Discussing news and current events
  • Visiting family and friends
  • Hosting visits from family and friends
  • Taking advantage of Brookfield senior resources, and more!

We can also help connect you with local Memory Cafes. According to the AARP, Wisconsin had more memory cafes than any other states as of September 2019, with 137 currently active in the area. If you want help finding a memory cafe near you, check the Memory Cafe Directory resource or ask an Always Best senior services representative for local referrals. And if you’d like us to organize an outing to a local Memory Cafe, that’s included as part of all Always Best senior service plans!

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