Meet the Team

Photo of Colleen

Colleen Foley

Owner and Executive Director

I’m Colleen and I co-founded Always Best Care Greater Milwaukee in 2009, with my husband Tom. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a BS in Social Work, and then moved on to receive my Master’s Degree in Business Management. I am a Social Worker by trade, but, began my journey in Corporate America where I worked for 20 years. In leaving Corporate America, I decided to follow my dream to start something on my own where I could make a difference. I followed my passion in working with families and their loved ones during every stage of the ageing journey. I am a family caregiver myself and I believe it is very important that our loved ones are provided with the best care that will enhance their lives as well as giving them the opportunity to remain safely in their homes and communities. At Always Best Care, we provide exceptional care that is tracked and supervised. We also make sure our families have access to the resources necessary as our clients’ needs change. I oversee the operation and I am very proud and blessed with a compassionate, dedicated team who is committed to providing the best care for our older population.

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Photo of Tom

Tom Foley

Chief Marketing Officer

I’m Tom and I’m an experienced Marketing Executive. I owned a recording business for 25 years where I spent most of my time traveling and recording various Health Care Executives share upon their best practices, talk about new research, and teach employees industry standards. In turn, focusing on their professional development. At Always Best Care, I make sure that both the employees, the referral sources and the families are informed on all the offerings and are educated on all the new offerings. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve upon our office administration. These improvements are constantly made in scheduling, billing and payroll, and any client contact point. As the need for in home care continues to grow, we strive to provide the best in class for everything that we do so that our families and their loved ones can make informed decisions when choosing the proper care.

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Photo of Diane

Diane Tomczyk

Manager of Client Care

My name is Diane and I am the Manager of Client Care. I have been a member of the Always Best Care team for four years helping to improve the quality of care for many seniors and disabled persons. My main roles are to do the initial client assessment, help with the onboarding of the client, and then manage care as long as they remain a client with Always Best Care. I am a Social Worker with a Master’s degree focusing on Geriatric Care. Prior to working with Always Best Care, I worked in a long-term care nursing facility as the Director of Social Services. On the personal side, I cared for my mother, diagnosed with dementia, throughout her illness. It is my ultimate goal to ensure our seniors are cared for with competence and compassion. I truly enjoy my position at Always Best Care; the favorite part being that it allows me the opportunity to spend time with our seniors hearing their stories and words of wisdom.

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Photo of Debbie

Debbie Rupena

Client Care Coordinator

My name is Debbie and I am proud to be a part of the Always Best Care team! I am the Client Care Coordinator and I assist seniors and their families by coordinating their individual and home health care needs. I am a Social Worker with a Master’s degree focusing on Geriatric Care. Prior to Always Best Care I worked in the field of Long Term Care. Working with seniors is my passion. Personal fulfillment comes when we can keep our seniors in the comfort of their own home safely, where they remain close to their family and friends. It is truly a joy to watch them thrive in this environment.

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Photo of Maggie

Maggie Spencer


My name is Maggie and I have been with Always Best Care for over 3 years. I started at Always Best Care as a receptionist, then was asked to try caregiving. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I had the pleasure of meeting and caring for some wonderful seniors and got to connect with their amazing families. I have since returned into the office as the receptionist. I still get to enjoy speaking with various clients and caregivers except in a new setting. Working at Always Best Care has given me the opportunity to share my love and support for our wonderful seniors.

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