A Day In The Life Of A Caregiver: Finding Respite With Always Best Senior Services

A Day In The Life Of A Caregiver: Finding Respite With Always Best Senior Services

Today’s post walks the reader through a day in the life of a senior caregiver to explain the value of seeking respite with Always Best senior services in Brookfield. Wisconsin.

A Day In The Life Of A Caregiver In Brookfield, WI

In a recent article published by the American Society on Aging newsletter, author Elizabeth Miller details the daily duties of her mother’s 59-year old caregiver, Susie. For many readers currently acting as informal caregivers for mom, dad, or other friends and family, Susie’s story is all too familiar–one of round-the-clock responsibility, heroic multitasking, frequently compromising on personal goals for the sake of our loved ones.

What follows is a task-by-task breakdown from Miller, along with a few brief words about how Always Best Senior Services can lift the care burden.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Caregiver?

Mom calls at 5:30 AM, a full 90 minutes before their day is supposed to begin. Mom and Susie have a routine, but as any caregiver knows, caregiving is a 24/7 job that doesn’t abide by business hours. It’s nothing urgent–Mom simply woke up early today and lost track of time–but it’s a good lesson to learn about the nature of this work. Today, everything’s okay: Mom busies herself reading the Jesus Calling devotion and writing in her journal until 7AM, while Susie gets ready for her day.

Always Best senior services are available 24/7, which allows our clients to set workable “Business hours” for their caregiving duties. If your loved one requires help outside of the time you’ve set aside to help, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing our trusted team is always there. You never have to compromise on your work/life balance, and Mom or Dad always know they get the best possible service.

Optimizing The Morning Routine With Always Best Senior Services

Susie’s morning routine starts at 7AM.

She asks how Mom slept, helps put in her hearing aids and cleans up a few scattered items. Next, Susie changes the bed, empties the catheter, and starts directing Mom’s thoughts by commenting on the sunrise over the lake. Susie fetches coffee, refills mom’s water (just the way she likes it), checks her blood sugar level, gathers her morning pills, and prepares her breathing treatment. Then she’s right on to taking Mom’s breakfast order, all while she sets up Mom’s favorite Righteous Brothers blues track.

Once breakfast is done, Susie helps mom wash her face, brush her teeth, and change into her clothes for the day. While folding laundry, Susie runs through the list of tasks ahead, all the while thinking “someday she’ll have more time to paint and to market her art.”

Whether you work in the mornings or simply need to free up more time to paint like Susie, Always Best senior services can help. Let our qualified caretakers start mom’s day “just the way she likes it” while you enjoy the respite you need for a productive and happy life.

Reclaim Your Mid-day Routine With Always Best Senior Services

The mid-day routine involves Susie racing around the house, getting as much done as possible–shoveling the front walk, cooking that pot roast in the fridge, cleaning the house, and on and on–before it’s time to check Mom’s blood pressure and prepare lunch. If Mom isn’t in the mood to read on her iPad, Susie also has to find ways to keep her occupied.

With Always Best senior services, you’re in control of your mid-day routine. Leave your loved one’s mid-day care to use while you go nail that big work presentation with total peace of mind. And if you choose to spend the afternoon with mom or dad, even better–focus on memory making while we handle all the burdensome tasks.

End Your Day On A High Note With Always Best Senior Services

The evening routine sees Susie doing her best to keep Mom from getting anxious or agitated, as she often does. Sometimes she applies anti-anxiety cream to her wrist. Before bed, she checks the bedding, empties the catheter, delivers Mom’s insulin injection, removes her hearing aids, and situates all her essential items on the bedside table.

At the end of the day, Miller writes, “Susie is exhausted. She thinks, ‘Where did all the hours go?’” You’ve probably felt that way, too.

But you can end your day on a high note with Always Best senior services. Reflect on a productive day at work, a meaningful day of memories with mom or dad, or the time you spent on some much-needed self-care. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that your loved one is in good hands when you partner with Always Best senior services.

Free Respite Care Consultations With Always Best Senior Services

Help is out there. You’re not alone.

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