5 Ways Non Medical Senior Care Prevents Hospitalizations for Older Adults

 5 Ways Non Medical Senior Care Prevents Hospitalizations for Older Adults

Today’s post is all about how our non medical senior care service can keep seniors at home instead of in the hospital.

Hospitalizations aren’t desirable at any age, but they can especially high-risk for older adults.

Back in 1993, researchers published a seminal study in the Annals of Internal Medicine that sought to explain the hazards of hospitalization of the elderly (Creditor, 1993). Chiefly, Creditor (1993) noted that “hospitalization can result in complications unrelated to the problem that caused admission” (p. 219). In other words, hospitalization can cause a whole host of unique health problems for seniors that did not appear prior to their admission. Of 60 functionally independent individuals 75 years or older admitted to the hospital from their home, 75% were no longer independent on discharge, and an additional 15% needed to move to nursing homes (Creditor, 1993).

These negative health outcomes were attributed to several common risk factors associated with hospitalization and bed rests, including:

  • Enforced immobilization
  • Reduction of plasma volume
  • Accelerated bone loss
  • Increased closing volume
  • Sensory deprivation

In many cases, exposure to these risk factors “thrust vulnerable older persons into a state of irreversible function decline” (Creditor, 1993, pp. 219-220).

New research is only reinforcing these findings, with strong evidence suggesting that hospitalization may accelerate cognitive decline. Robert Wilson, professor of neurological and behavioral sciences at Rush University Medical Center, analyzed data on 1,335 seniors aged 65 or older, all of whom had been hospitalized for one or more days between January 1993 and December 2007. Researchers ran tests and interviews with each participant at three year intervals to assess their mental status.

Ultimately, Wilson found that the rate of cognitive decline more than doubled for seniors after a hospital stay.

But all of these health risks can be prevented with the help of our non medical senior care services, which are specifically designed to prevent hospitalizations for older adults.

Prevent Hospitalizations With Non Medical Senior Care in Brookfield, Wisconsin

New research suggests that nearly half (48%) of senior hospitalization can be prevented with the following 5 preventative steps:

  1. Follow doctor’s orders.
  2. Don’t ignore symptoms.
  3. Reduce risks of falls and accidents.
  4. Stay active physically and mentally.
  5. Maintain a healthy diet.

Always Best Care Greater Milwaukee’s non medical senior care service makes it easy to give your loved one the benefit of these 5 preventative steps.

  1. Our non medical senior care workers improve doctor-patient relationships. We can plan appointments, provide reminders and transportation, and offer an extra set of eyes and ears to remember and implement all of the doctor’s orders.
  2. Our non medical senior care workers spot and report symptoms. When life or career pulls you away from your aging parents, we serve as watchdogs for any signs or symptoms of declining health, and report back to you in full. Many seniors are also more comfortable describing their pain or discomfort to professional caregivers, so as not to cause additional worry or concern for their loved ones.
  3. Our non medical senior care workers reduce fall injury and accident rates. In addition to providing direct assistance with ADLs and less common tasks that require reaching, overhead lifting, balance, or heavy exertion, our team can also make the home safer and more comfortable by cleaning, organizing, and handling light maintenance. In this way, we greatly reduce fall risk and accident rates.
  4. Our non medical senior care workers create opportunities for mental and physical activity. Whether your loved one needs the stimulating conversation of a Companionship care or somebody to join them on a gentle walk, our team can help.
  5. Our non medical senior care workers make healthy eating effortless. We handle the grocery shopping, meal preparation, cooking, serving, meal monitoring, and clean-up so you don’t have to. Get all the time-saving benefits of convenience food with all the nutrition of home cooked meals.

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Creditor, M. C. (1993). Hazards of hospitalization of the elderly. Annals of Internal Medicine, 118(3), 219-223.

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