4 Senior Care Services You Could Use (And Probably Don’t Know About)

4 Senior Care Services You Could Use (And Probably Don't Know About)

Senior care services are services designed to help seniors better manage both their physical conditions as well as their lives. With an estimated 10,000 people turning 65 every day in the United States of America, senior care is definitely a growing and evolving industry. Because it keeps growing and changing, there are some senior care services about which you may not know. So here are four senior care services that you –a senior or family member of a senior– could use.

Assisted living communities

Assisted living communities are communities and facilities that are specifically designed for seniors as places they can live. Now, at this point you might be saying, “Hey, I know about nursing homes, they’re no secret!”. And that’s true, the concept of a nursing home is nothing new and most people are aware of it. But a nursing home is only one type of assisted living community.

Did you know that assisted living communities come in all shapes and sizes? That is to say, that there are different communities designed for different types of seniors. The term “nursing home” generally applies to a facility that caters to seniors who have rather severe conditions and for whom daily care and supervision is needed. But there are other types of assisted living communities that are basically just retirement homes; places where seniors can enjoy their retirement years and hold on to most of their independence.

In-home care services

A whole host of senior care services can be administered in-home. This means that seniors need not necessarily move out of their homes and into an assisted living facility to get the care they require. In-home care providers can administer almost all the assistance and care one can normally get in an assisted living community, but in the client’s longstanding home. And many of these in-home care providers are trained and experienced in helping seniors with specific conditions, such as Multiple Sclerosis or dementia and the like.

Home helper services

Many seniors are able to take care of themselves all right but managing their homes can be very difficult. For these seniors there are home helper services. These services are specifically aimed at seniors who would like assistance in managing their homes. Typical services of this category include laundry, feeding pets, and helping with grocery shopping.

Companionship services

Some senior care services are not so focused on the physical wellbeing of seniors but on their mental and emotional wellbeing. Companionship services help to ward off isolation, loneliness, and depression as well as the health risks associated with them. Services of this type include playing card games, helping seniors keep in touch with family and friends, and good old-fashioned conversation.

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