3 Tips To Help Seniors Prevent Slips And Falls

Seniors often suffer from trips and falls due to poor body balance, leading to fatal and non-fatal injuries. Even a healthy senior can suffer from some serious injuries due to an unfortunate slip. It’s the responsibility of family members and caregivers to provide seniors the required assistance and help to prevent falls. You can also consider following the below mentioned tips to prevent slips and falls.

    • Install grab bars and other safety devices – Make sure to install proper handles and grab bars in the bathrooms. In addition, throw away the old rugs and get anti-slip mats to help your aging loved one maintain their movement around the house.
    • Get their vision checked – Poor vision is a common cause behind slips and falls in seniors. So, make sure to get your loved one’s eyes checked regularly from a specialist.
    • Encourage regular exercise – Exercising regularly helps in improving the body balance and flexibility, thus reducing the risk of falls in your senior. So, you must encourage them to follow a daily exercise routine to stay active and physically fit. However, you should accompany them while they exercise to ensure their safety, especially if they struggle with mobility.

And, if you can’t be there often, then you should consider hiring an in-home caregiver for your aging loved one. Apart from accompanying your loved one for regular exercise and daily walks, a caregiver will ensure that they stay safe from trips and falls.

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