10 Ways Elderly Care Keep Seniors Safe Through Brookfield’s Storm Season

10 Ways Elderly Care Keep Seniors Safe Through Brookfield’s Storm Season

Severe storms are causing damage and power outages across southeastern Wisconsin, putting our seniors at risk. But there’s plenty you can do to keep them safe, and our elderly care team is here to help.

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Severe Storms Ravage Southeastern Wisconsin, Put Seniors At Risk

According to The Milwaukee Journal, this storm season is shaping up to be one of the worst to hit Wisconsin in recent years. Just last week, residents had to endure a swath of severe storms that brought golf ball-sized hail, localized flooding, and power outages for more than 45,000 homes (Crowe, 2022). And there are many more to come.

Unfortunately, severe weather events like these are often particularly hard on seniors with functional and cognitive limitations, as well as other vulnerable members of the community. Not only can severe storms be a major source of stress, but power outages can also lead to costly food spoilage and malnutrition, medical equipment malfunctions, hyper/hypothermia, and increased risk of falls and other accidents in the home.

But there is plenty you can do to keep your loved ones safe through storm season, and our elderly care team is here to help.

10 Ways Elderly Care Keeps Seniors Safe Through Brookfield’s Storm Season

To keep your loved ones safe, happy, and comfortable through the storm, our elderly care team can:

  • Provide companionship and fun pastimes as we shelter from the storm
  • Help set up generators and ensure safe usage if the power goes out
  • Supply healthy snacks and meals that require no power to prepare (e.g. salads, mixed nuts, freshly peeled fruits and vegetables, sardines)
  • Minimize the risks of slip-and-fall injury by clearing walkways and ensuring the home care area is properly lit at all times
  • Keep your loved ones’ medication routine on-track
  • Stay with your loved one to provide safety monitoring and ADL support during the storm
  • Provide frequent check-ins during severe storms to ensure your loved ones’ safety
  • Keep emergency contact information well-organized and readily accessible
  • Ensure emergency supplies (e.g. water, canned goods, manual can opener, flashlight, blankets, first aid) are always well-stocked and easily accessible for seniors
  • Help your loved ones create an emergency family plan / evacuation strategy, and more!

These are just a few of the ways we make sure your loved ones’ quality of life isn’t weather-dependent.

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